‘Doctor Who’ Series 7 trailer released

Neela Debnath

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SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen the new ‘Doctor Who’ launch trailer for the second part of series 7

As the time draws ever closer for the return of our Time Lord, the BBC has uploaded a teaser trailer for the second part of series 7.

In the 40-second trailer Clara can be heard asking the Doctor what has happened to her and thus the mystery of the new companion starts to unfold. Just like River Song and the crack in time and space, Steven Moffat is playing the long game with a lengthy story arc but I have a feeling this one might be the strongest and far less confusing than the other ones.

We are shown a shot of the revamped Ice Warriors, the greatest foe of another bow tie-wearing Doctor, namely Patrick Troughton’s second incarnation. The return of this nemesis has been eagerly anticipated by fans and from that shot I don’t think they will be disappointed. Funnily enough, their look has pretty much remained the same but with more of a metallic sheen.

Unsurprisingly, the cinematic scope is astounding and we see the Doctor and Clara walking on what appears to be the ring of a planet that could be Saturn. Then the viewer is shown a shot of Warwick Davis as a pilot. Davis is just one of the big names on a roster of stars who will be appearing in this series. Other famous faces include Dame Diana Rigg, her daughter Rachael Stirling, Dougray Scott, Jessica Raine and Celia Imrie.

Some scary-looking creatures turn up in what could be brass helmets, with blank eyes and a vertical slit of a mouth. Then we switch to Clara turning around and looking spooked by something in the modern ghost story episode which features Scott.

It appears that soufflé girl has her own catchphrase now, she says ‘run you clever boy’. After River Song’s ‘hello sweetie’ it seems like all companions should have their own phrase, I suppose it’s an interesting addition for the action figures. Although what was Amy’s one and was Rory’s one apart from his death rattle?

There are also some terrifying eyeless creatures with fangs looking rather dapper in top hats and black cloaks, which remind me of the Trickster from the Sarah Jane Adventures. Then again it could be something completely different.

The Cybermen are back for another adventure – how could they not be? After all, they are a piece of classic Doctor Who and in the 50th year their presence is mandatory. No doubt there will be some sort of appearance from the Daleks as well but that may well be in the 50th anniversary special in November.

I could be wrong but something that looks like a Sycorax is inside a glass box. Only a moment before the Doctor is saying to someone ‘you have no idea what you’re dealing with’ – just who is he talking to? We all know that when the Doctor says that it can only mean one thing: a whole lot of trouble.

We see the Doctor hurtling down the aisle of a mainly empty aeroplane that is out of control and on course to crash. Judging by his skills at flying the Tardis, perhaps this might be one for Clara?

Following this is a snippet of a scene, given that it is out of context, the dialogue is open to interpretation and double entendre. We hear the Doctor nonchalantly declare: ‘I’ve seen bigger’. To which Clara replies: ‘Really?’ Only for him to reply: ‘Are you joking? It’s massive.’ I suppose we won’t know until the series starts exactly what their conversation refers to, but needless to say there is a small girl in regal attire with them, so it’s probably not something naughty.

The trailer is back to Miss Oswald and we see Clara in action as she takes on a group of Cybermen. And is our favourite Sontaran Commander Strax back? I do hope so, considering how entertaining he was in the Christmas special, along with Vastra and Jenny.

Finally, as the trailer draws to a close we hear our Gallifreyan uttering the words: ‘I am the Doctor and I am afraid’. Will Dorium Maldovar’s ominous prophecy come to pass regarding the fall of the Eleventh on the Field of Trenzalore, and so on and so forth? What is the Doctor afraid of? What can be so scary that even he is left quaking?

All these questions and more will be answered on Saturday 30th March when the second part of series 7 of Doctor Who begins again in an episode called The Bells of Saint John.

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  • Shadowworld

    The BBC just produce self congratulatory dross. Doctor Who has become such, all form no content.

  • harleymc

    The still makes the Doctor look like Zaphod Beeblebrox.

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