Dish of the day: Chefs who get bored of cooking when they get home? I could cook 24/7

Dan Doherty

bacon wrapped dates final 300x225 Dish of the day: Chefs who get bored of cooking when they get home? I could cook 24/7Sitting at home, cold beer, it’s 2am. Having dealt with a breakfast rush, a brunch rush, and lunch rush and, er… a dinner rush, I realise I’ve not eaten all day. I know it’s bad, but when you are tasting all day, you sort of miss the hunger. I may sometimes reach for a pack of pasta, a pack of crisps or the odd take-out – but not always.

As chefs yes we work long hours and mostly with food. But the assumption that we are sick of it when we get home, for me at least is way off the mark – I find it puzzling in fact.

Cooking at home – eating what I cook – is now one of my great joys. I became a chef because I like food. I like cooking. All the other stuff that goes with being a one? Not so much.

So many of us strain to progress as quickly as possible; I was the same. But now I’m so jealous of the guys who come, cook for 16 hours, and don’t have to deal with anything else. Cooking to me is like yoga. Sharing a Sunday roast with the people I care for has now become one of my number one priorities. It’s one of the best things about British culture for me: a bond between family and the one meal I really strain to make a reality in my world.

But of course back to reality with 350 on the book for lunch, it seems my meal plan for this Sunday is going to be a spoon of braised ox cheek, a dabble of hollandaise, a nibble of cheese, maybe a bite of a pizette, and let’s not forget the 2am beer and cold pizza.

But as it’s 350 to 1 – well you know, the situation justifies it. And if cooking is to you as it is to me you wouldn’t change those late night binges for the world.

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  • jerry goldstein

    Why the photo? Where’s the recipe? If not available, why the pointless article?

  • Jonathan Stiles

    “bored of” Grrr!

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