What if the internet broke?

John Rentoul

Internet map 1024 300x300 What if the internet broke?Danny Hillis in a TED talk (video at Mashable) wondered what would happen if “bad and foolish people” sabotaged the internet:

We’re setting ourselves up for a kind of disaster like the [one] we had with the financial system, where we take a system that was basically built on trust — was basically built for a smaller scale system — and we’ve kind of expanded it way beyond the limits of how it was meant to operate.

The worst thing would be having to go to a supermarket again. On the plus side, we have some board games.

Since his talk, Hillis has discovered that “people” are already working on back-up systems.

As you were.

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  • lucas

    what was the point?

  • Carolina Beach Hotels

    There is no life with a internet! It like a no electricity at night.

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