The Tory peer who likened a CND badge to a swastika

Andy McSmith

One of the many delights to be found among the latest batch of papers published on line today by the Margaret Thatcher Archive Trust is a splenetic letter from Sir Max Beloff, founder and head of Britain’s first independent university, in Buckingham, who was enraged by television images of women peaceniks camped outside the military base at Greenham Common. Their protest, Lord Beloff informed Thatcher in a letter dated 14 December 1982, was just “an induced mass hysteria…impervious to argument.” He added: “I shall not be content until it’s as hazardous to wear a CND badge on the streets of London as it would be to sport a swastika in Tel Aviv.”

  • Pacificweather

    I’ll take the red tape baby and you take the blue and we’ll show those Sharia Lefties a dance that will send them scuttling back to wherever Sharia Lefties live. Reverse the colors and we’ll do it in the home of the brave. God, it’s good to find a man on these pages so happy in his work.

  • stonecold90

    more war, less persecuting the poor i assume

  • TylerNull of YouTube

    Your blather fails to change the facts; the rate at which Leftist Fundies are importing Muslims; the 10:1 Muslim to indigenous breed rates; the inevitable political realities of those demographics.

    I’d say the happy bit is that your ilk are too stupid to live, but its actually the pride & gaiety you take in that which is more amusing.

  • Pacificweather

    A different message now I notice. Sharia Law is to Muslim as KKK is to Christian. What’s the message? Was Mrs T a Leftist Fundie?

  • garry meglee

    Wonderful to hear all the armchair political warriors posting here – rabid and bafflingly extreme on both sides – amusing though

  • TylerNull of YouTube

    I notice you’re sticking with your bouts of stupor as a rebuttal.

    1. Same “message”; more facts.
    2. Sharia Law is THE legal and moral code of Islam, whereas the KKK was a lawless cartel of US Democrats formed after losing their first war against the USA.

    And these aren’t exactly state secrets.

    So, is your stubborn ignorance genuine, or a ruse to avoid answering for the mayhem of your politics?

  • Pacificweather

    You missed the point. Both are cultural phenomena not religious but if you can find me a KKK member who ever voted Democrat then I will concede the argument.

  • TylerNull of YouTube

    Your twin towers of denial are so spectacular they almost distracted from their formation of a non sequitur.

    IF anyone from the Democrats’ KKK … “ever voted Democrat”,
    THEN you will concede that Sharia Law is … “religious”.

    Your prattle, Mrs. P, makes a point as much as a man in a skirt makes a woman.

  • Pacificweather

    Oh dear, slap into the Armco. What a shame. You’ll have to tighten that suspension.

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