Interview with Bobii Lewis, the singer who turned down Simon Cowell

bl3 300x225 Interview with Bobii Lewis, the singer who turned down Simon CowellBritish artists can often be brought to minds of the music-loving populace for being just that: British. However, when I was offered the opportunity to interview east-London singer, rapper and producer Bobii Lewis my ears more than pricked.

If you’re not quite up to speed, Bobii is an R&B and afrobeat singer who can also hold his own in the rap arena.

Bobii’s first single ‘Grenade’ laced his name of the lips of music enthusiasts, where his music has been commended by The Metro and NME and garnered support from national radio stations such as Radio 1, 1Xtra and Choice FM.

Having so many strings to his bow could, in the long run, be damaging as others have found in the past, but “R&B is my strongest genre,” he says, with an abundance of media virginity about him.

“I grew up in a house that listened to Motown, which later progressed to R&B. But when I get on stage and perform Cut Me Some Slack [his latest track] the audience just don’t expect it from me.”

What is particularly interesting about the humble musician is his choice to turn down a number of popular television talent shows. All of the big three, in fact: X-Factor, The Voice and Britain’s Got Talent contacted Bobii in hope of luring him to the small screen.

“I want to build my own path,” he says, “I’m not against the platform or the stars it produces but I don’t want my route into to be singled out like that.

“I’m 21, so I have plenty of time to do what I want or need to do,” he adds.

Bobii’s versatility can be heard clearly when listening to each of his songs. His music can go from soft  melancholy to rough and ready in moments.

He gestures: “As a whole, I want to be able to offer something different; different personas and genres mixed with a feel-good vibe. I really want to be able to show the listener about the reality of my life and the struggle.”

Bobii’s new track Cut Me Some Slack is available from the 23rd of March and will be headlining the UK Unsigned Tour at dates throughout 2013.


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  • kawasakiman

    Good luck to him.

    Being placed on the cowell pop conveyor belt to stardom has one big problem…when it suits him, you are just left to drop off the end.

  • Nickbassett1981

    How does the first line of this article – ie; the one that refers to him being British – relate to the rest of the content!? Are huge amounts of British artists really successful because they’re quintessentially British or is it more because of the music? And is the distinction here implying that this artist’s appeal stems from growing up in a household where Motown was played?! It’s a popular sound of the sixties and seventies that influenced most households.

    Either way, props to Bobii Lewis for turning down quick win talent show routes in favour of getting there in his own sweet time. I don’t get this ‘abundance of media virginity’ vibe – he seems very careful not to criticise those who do go on BGT etc. instead he seems pretty switched on

  • QuantamPro

    I know how you feel Bobii. I’ve also been hassled by The Voice, X factor and BGT, as well as the US versions because of my dual nationality but refused because I wanted to protect my artistic integrity,

    Will you have fries with that burger?

  • Georgie Bowlocks

    The child apparently is incapable of spelling his own name.

  • Thwyllo

    Turning down Simon Cowell will look great on his CV.

  • Guest

    I suspect

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