Did the Iraq War Cause the Great Recession?

John Rentoul

globe 300x298 Did the Iraq War Cause the Great Recession?Haven’t had a full-dress straight up and down Question To Which The Answer Is No for a while. This is the real thing. Number 908, asked by Henry Farrell, The Monkey Cage, from an original article by Thomas Oatley.

Thanks to James Plunkett, who spotted it.

Meanwhile, we had number 907, asked by James Chapman of the “new party of the left“:

Is Labour about to get its own UKIP?

(Nominated by Ian McKenzie.)

And, of course, number 906 was asked in all newspapers all last week:

Could we face gas rationing?

(And, no, the word “could” does not avoid inclusion in my list.)

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  • porkfright

    Far be it from me to disagree with you-but I suspect that the answer is in fact “Yes”.

  • creggancowboy

    Pork did you notice r R*nt**l used “recession” nor depression? ZaNuLabour – bringing you weasel words since 1997!

  • porkfright

    There is no recession nor a depression. There never has been. There are not 2.5 million unemployed. Our country is now run by about 23 millionaires so all is well. War is good-peace is bad-well, unprofitable.. By the way, I reckon number 906 will prove to be a “Yes” as well.

  • Mostefa Benkhelifa

    are u serious? The war that w bush dropped on Iraki people, among babies and women,
    thought it was a piece of fox hunting at least a cake but it was a planetarium dimension
    of recession not only economic but social,behavioural and cultural as well! Who knows
    may politians be listeners rather than hunters…..

  • porkfright

    Mostefa-I am agreeing with your point of view through deep and cynical irony.

  • creggancowboy

    Hope Mr R*nt**l finishes before G8 – we are expecting a Bouazizi moment!

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