One of the great choreographers doesn’t like the dance Eddie Mair led Boris Johnson

Andy McSmith
boris getty 300x225 One of the great choreographers doesnt like the dance Eddie Mair led Boris Johnson

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Boris Johnson’s dad, Stanley, is not the only person outraged by the roasting he got on the BBC on Sunday morning from Eddie Mair, standing for Andrew Marr. So is Gillian Lynne, one of the great choreographers for the West End and international stage. At the age of 87, she is to receive a lifetime achievement award at this year’s Oliviers for her work on more than 50 shows, including Cats and The Phantom of the Opera – but she is not impressed with the merry dance that Mair led the Mayor.

“I got more and more angry, to hear a man being that vicious and not particularly clever; to send darts against someone and not give them time to answer,” she says.

“I feel that Boris was a gentleman and the other chap wasn’t. Not that it matters a damn, but it wasn’t in the rules of English fair play. It was below the belt and I don’t know what it achieved.”

She is now wishing Andrew Marr a speedy recovery because “I don’t want that man [Eddie Mair] to be doing it again.”

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  • chrispbarber

    I completely agree with the comment below, who gives a damn what some old diva has to say about the subject. The fact remains that Boris Johnson was exposed for what he is – a nasty piece of work!

  • edwarrj1

    Why would I care what a choreographer has to say about politics?

  • vanzetti

    should perhaps limit yourself to Sunday sport

  • Mark Hargrave

    greatly enjoyed looking through your blog and found an informative one for
    sports related topics.

  • frekipons

    I don’t believe in Marxist terminology like “racist”, I believe in choice and for that I need no commentary from you. As for facist, oh dear, as someone who believes in his own rule of thought (and as a consequence that of everybody elses, in their own right) I cannot be a facist.

    What’s more worrying than you inane conclusions is that you wanted to be friend with someone like what you described.

    The time of the Fabian Socialist is at an end now, nobody believes in the term “racist” any more little boy [who cried wolf], in fact it is those who use that term that are themselves the fascists as that is what the word was designed for – to shut conversation down with no debate – the trait of a fascist.

    You time is up.

  • frekipons

    I thought that of her also.

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