Harrogate tops list of where Brits are happiest to live

Alex Johnson

f5441ec66dd451f13a7599adf722b0cb9ee229a8 300x199 Harrogate tops list of where Brits are happiest to livePeople living in Harrogate are the happiest in the UK, according to Rightmove’s ‘Happy At Home Index’.

Using a dozen ways to measure how more than 38,000 locals feel about where they live – including how proud people felt about their property, neighbourliness, and nearby amenities – the report suggests that those in Lincoln are the most house-proud while residents of Hereford feel the safest about where they live. Swansea and Aberdeen top the happiest places to live in Wales and Scotland respectively.

“As a nation obsessed with property, our homes represent far more than simple bricks and mortar,” said Rightmove director Miles Shipside. “What elevates a house to a home is an often complicated relationship of the physical property itself, the emotional sense of well-being it provides and how safe and socially-rooted we feel in our communities.”

Harrogate tops the list on the basis that its residents feel ‘happy’ across a wide range of categories, even though it did not rank highest on any single one. “Average asking prices in Harrogate are up 5.6% year-on-year,” said Shipside, “outperforming the national average of 1.2% and North Yorkshire average of 0.4%, indicating that there is demand to live in the UK’s happiest place.” Stockport takes the number two spot.

The research also suggests that people living in the north are happier than those in the south. After the top two places, the rest of the ten happiest towns and cities (in descending order) are Ipswich, Exeter, St Albans, Kingston-upon-Thames, Bath, Worcester, Bromley and Truro.

Nine of the bottom ten locations for happiness are in Greater London (the tenth is Dudley) whose residents ranked their living arrangements especially poorly for space, pride, safety and neighbourliness.

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  • lisa smith

    I find it depressing that 3 people have liked a comment that is basically pointlessly ripping on another person because of grammar.

  • Andrew Gradwell

    Alongside Runnymede, Surrey, people in Harrogate drink alcohol to more hazardous levels than anywhere else in the UK.[26] Harrogate also has the highest concentration of drink drivers in the UK.[27] In 2010 Harrogate was named as ‘the onlinepornography capital of the country’ when a BBC documentary, The Virtual Revolution, revealed that residents from the town watched more adult material on their computers than anywhere else in the UK. [28]

    No wonder they are so happy

  • jagd1

    Rubbish, Harrogate indeed, we have it all in the South, Dover for the Continent and Frinton for the incontinent to mention but two!

  • podger rederer

    So if I wrote “Tom’s car” that would be wrong would it? The apostrophe is in place of “his”. Similar context

  • Waltermorgan

    Of course folk in the north are happier than in the south…the only snotty miserable buggers up here are southerners – you can spot ‘em a mile off!

  • mickyfish60

    arses in arigut ar ova prised alos bin a posh nobs tarn. YORKSHIRE INDEPENDENCE………….

  • Joe Bloggs

    Truro is a rubbish city where most of the shops seem to be selling ladies handbags. There is no McDonalds and rival eateries charge twice as much. If you want a city with lots of hairdressers, boutiques, handbag shops and overpriced eateries Truro is the place to go.

  • Joe Bloggs

    Oh did someone go to “grammer” school. LOL!

    If you really want to complain why not complain to Microsoft about the fact that Windows 7 does not include British English?

  • Chris Cork

    I thought it was grammar school

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