Why Vicky Pryce’s plea of ‘marital coercion’ could be the last

Andy McSmith
vicky pryce 300x225 Why Vicky Pryces plea of marital coercion could be the last

Vicky Pryce (Getty Images)

Vicky Pryce could be the last married woman ever to plead ‘marital coercion’ in a British court, after a hint from a minister that a change in the law is being worked on. There was a mountain of commentary after her trial about why this line of defence, laid down in a 1925 Act of Parliament, is there for a wife but not for a husband or civil partner. Nor will it be available to either partner in any gay marriage.

The first hint that this situation may not last much longer came from Lord McNally, a Justice Minister. Answering a written question in the Lords, he replied that the government is “looking carefully” to see if that law is “appropriate for modern circumstances.”

Watch this space.

  • creggancowboy

    What of anonymity for rape trial defendants? Currently wimmin are granted it but men are not. Clayton McDonald was acquitted of rape but his name was made public – I worked on the Ched Evans campaign – look at Reg Traviss, it is a false allegations paradise/. Now I will watch “Eastenders”. It has Joshua Pascoe in it. Innit!

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