Cameron’s words on immigration find favour with le Pen

Andy McSmith

After the mixed reaction to David Cameron’s immigration speech this week, the Prime Minister might be pleased to know that a prominent French politician has heaped praise on it. “The speech by the British prime minister has smashed the taboo surrounding the unsustainable cost of immigration for European nations. At a time of mounting unemployment and widening deficits, it has become urgent to start giving priority to our own nationals in jobs, housing, social benefits and health,” he said.

Thereagain, Mr Cameron might not be pleased. The speaker was Louis Allot, vice-present of the far right Front National, led by Marine le Pen.

  • DFV

    They are all following the same Agenda : Sal Alinski’s

  • DFV

    It is not working, see below.
    Thousands Of Children Stolen By UK Government Every Year – ex-NATO Security Chief

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  • creggancowboy

    Not only am I right I am NEVER wrong!

  • a_no_n

    fancy firing off a few lottery numbers for me ;)

  • creggancowboy

    Actually I won ten quid! Best thing is random numbers as the algorythym works better;)

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