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Luke Wilkins

bike1 300x225 The Bike Blog: Kickstarting the next generation! I get exposed to all sorts of different types of motorcycle riders. From the world-spanning adventure riders to the all out balls on the line racers, but I think one of the best sights in the world to me is being able to see children sharing in my passion for motorbikes. You’re probably thinking: ‘Kids? On Motorbikes? I’m sure that’s a good idea!’

Well have you ever wondered what motor sport you could be doing with your kids, at a safe and well organised event? How about not only spending quality time with your children but teaching them new skills? Not just how to operate a bike but to how to overcome obstacles – quite literally in this case! Oh and there is the added advantage that you sometime see them fall over in the mud.

Well maybe trials riding is for you and your kids. Check out what happened when we were invited down by a viewer to the Surrey Schoolboys Trials club and you might start having flash backs to Kick Start from the Eighties. The big thing that got me about the day, was just how young they were starting. Check out the two-year-old kid in the video and tell me you wish you couldn’t ride a motorbike like that at two.

Worried about the cost? Speaking to one parent, he said the bike cost him £3,000 three years ago when he bought it new, and as his son was graduating to a bigger bike this year, he already had a buyer lined up for £2,000 pounds – not bad after two years of competing. He had worked out that with everything involved with the sport, it had cost him on average a credit crunching £6 a week for the last two years.

Even cheaper are the new range of electric trials bikes – for as little as £500 secondhand and these little puppies hardly need any maintenance. Just plug them into the mains to charge, and even better, because there is no oil and petrol, and they are a lot smaller, you can just chuck them in the boot of your car, reducing the need for a van or trailer. Now if you add up any costs of any sport like rugby or cricket, such as equipment (normally replaced each year), travelling, club membership, etc. then £6 a week isn’t bad!

You will also be surprised at just how many trials clubs there are for kids in the UK,  with it being a sport in the midst of a revival.

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