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John Rentoul

marigold 300x189 Almost UngooglableI was reading Paul Johnson’s Brief Lives (yes, I am so old and revisionist), when a friend said that Johnson’s wife, Marigold, had been a Labour candidate in South Bucks in 1974.

It turned out that this was one of those facts that is just on the edge of Googlable knowledge, from which I derive childish enjoyment. It’s like discovering new nebulae as light reaches us from what was, long ago in a galaxy far, far away, the frontier of the expanding universe.

Wikipedia told me that the South Buckinghamshire constituency was redrawn in 1974, and that most of it became Beaconsfield. “Marigold Johnson” and “Beaconsfield” yielded three relevant hits. (As well as a website created by an American man also called Marigold Johnson, who appears not to be an NFL player.)

The first, from the Telegraph in 2004, confirmed that she had been a Labour candidate in Beaconsfield. The third, indirectly from the London Evening Standard in 2007, pointed out that she shared this biographical detail with Tony Blair, and that she was opposed to grammar schools, which might have helped to explain her lack of electoral success.

But the second was most interesting, from a Google News scan of The Montreal Gazette from 10 October 1974 (above), from an article, presumably syndicated to foreign newspapers although I don’t know what “CP” stands for, about “more women candidates than ever” (160 out of 2,235) having a “striking impact” on an otherwise “slow-burning” campaign.

So, yes, she did stand as the Labour candidate in Beaconsfield (which is in south Bucks) in at least the October 1974 election. Eight years later, Tony Blair did. Which is sort of interesting, in an edge-of-consciousness way.

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  • David Boothroyd

    CP = Canadian Press, I would assume.

  • creggancowboy

    Edgy journalism as always from Giovanni;)

  • John Rentoul

    Thank you.

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