Toilets for itinerants, a ‘politically-correct hobby horse’ says Tory MP

Andy McSmith

Strange the mind that looks at a washroom and toilet block and sees a “politically-correct hobby horse.” But Philip Davies, the right wing Tory MP for Shipley, is outraged that having set aside land for 47 pitches for itinerant families, the government and Bradford council put up £820,000 to provide them with somewhere to wash and use a toilet. That is a one-off investment of £17,500 per family, a lot less than the cost of social housing, most of which came from the government. That has not stopped Mr Davies from berating the council.

“It’s an outrageous waste of money and that just makes it worse because the Government looks just as daft as the Council,” he told the Bradford Telegraph and Argus. “The Council just seems to have a never-ending supply of money for these politically-correct hobby horses. Instead of pussyfooting around gypsies and encouraging them to relocate here, they should be encouraging them to abide like law-abiding members of the community or move on.”

  • delilah1

    quite right too…itinerant “gypsies” should move on..preferably back whence they came

  • creggancowboy


  • obidiah_slope

    Well I hope they last longer than the ones provided in my area.

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