It’s a ‘who’d be a politician?’ sort of day

Andy McSmith
Chuka Umunna 300x225 Its a whod be a politician? sort of day

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It is a real ‘who’d want to be a politician?’ sort of a day. Labour’s rising star, Chuka Umunna must be cringing at having his former membership of an online club ASmallWorld blasted all over today’s Sun and Daily Mail, and the message he posted under the name ‘Harrison Umunna’ in which he bemoaned the difficulty of finding somewhere to go for an evening in London’s West End that was not full of “trash and C-list wannabes.” That was written in July 2006, almost four years before Umunna became an MP, when he was aged 27, and he has apologised for any offence, but that word ‘trash’ will hang around his neck for many years.

Meanwhile the Chancellor, George Osborne, has filled the front page of the Daily Mirror, under the headline ‘Despicable’, because his driver took up a disabled bay while Osborne nipped into a McDonald’s at a service station in Gwent. That is less damaging that the Umunna story, but the fact that the Mirror ran it at all was enough to infuriate the blogger Iain Dale, who once aspired to be a Tory MP. “One day a politician will just think, ‘Sod this for a game of soldiers, they can go **** themselves. I’m quitting’,” he wrote. “And I seriously think if I had gone into politics, that politician would probably have been me.”

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  • bobbellinhell

    A ‘private website’, what a remarkable concept. If you want to keep it private, don’t post it on the internet.

  • John Richard Oconnor

    Who’d not want to be a politico?All that lovely tax payers money I can filch,nothing but a bunch of thieves.

  • the void waits

    Yes I do and keep guessing!

  • TheJoeP

    “in which he bemoaned the difficulty of finding somewhere to go for an
    evening in London’s West End that was not full of “trash and C-list

    I’m probably being a bit thick, but I can’t see anything wrong with this statement.

    That’s what he thought at the time, and the people he’s describing are not going to be Labour voters or probably ever voted in their lives.

    Most reasonable people reading this report will probably agree with him, in fact I’d be interested to hear his personal opinion about this world shattering revelation.

  • porkfright

    The more of them quit, the better it wil be, in my opinion.

  • MakeMPsOwnUp

    Presumably Umunna was p-ed off with the trash and C-listers because they were (and still are) above him in the pecking order.

  • zandeman

    No, you don’t, and it’s not a matter of guesswork. Hubris is excessive pride and doesn’t describe Umunna’s actions, which were the indiscretions of youth. If he’d been hubristic, he wouldn’t have accepted that they were indiscretions.

    And as for “evil”, well I hope you never meet the real thing. I’ve come as close as I want to, and it didn’t look anything like a young MP whose views you think you don’t agree with. It looked like ankle deep blood with five dead people lying in it, along with four who just survived.

    People like you defuse words like “evil”.

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