Cameron on Trident in Scotland

John Rentoul

cameron 532 1454697a1 300x225 Cameron on Trident in ScotlandI have written for The Independent on Sunday today about David Cameron’s defence of Trident in Scotland last week. Defence policy is one of those emotive, symbolic issues on which the Conservatives seem to be getting their message sorted out. Welfare is another.

The Scottish speech was significant for Cameron’s legacy too: at the moment, he looks set fair to be remembered as the prime minister who saved the Union, and my colleague James Cusick reported last week that, despite Rupert Murdoch’s tweaking of Cameron, his Scottish Sun would not be supporting a Yes vote for independence next year.

Today’s Sunday Telegraph brings further evidence that the Prime Minister’s advocacy of Trident is also exposing Ed Miliband’s indecision on the subject. Last month the Financial Times reported that the Labour leader was “preparing to ditch his party’s longstanding commitment to a £20bn like-for-like replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system”. Today, Patrick Hennessy reports the opposite.

Mind you, he also explains how Miliband can do both, because three upgraded submarines may be able to maintain continuous at-sea deterrence for which we need four now.

(Jim Murphy, shadow defence secretary, recently gave his views to the New Statesman.)

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  • reformist lickspittle

    So, no mention of how Dave embarrassed himself by making up stuff about the “threat” North Korea posed to Britain?? What a surprise – not ;)

  • creggancowboy

    For one moment I hoped this meant they had put Camergoon on trident and launched it

  • PurbeckPashmina

    Why ruin a good idea by debunking it?

  • kenny g

    Cameron who was seen at fastlane the other day was on a mission to survey the condition of the seabed,as the country is heading that way fast already,he would be more productive heading for germany for a different kind of sub off angela merkel to steady our sinking ship….. ukip.ukip.ukip….

  • Pacificweather

    I like the idea that four submarines can patrol our planet and keep us safe from the the bad guys. I like the idea that three can do it even better. It was reassuring to see Mr Cameron have his weapons of mass destruction moment so early in his Prime Ministeral career. Perhaps like a previous Prime Minister he will also slide down that political snake. There is nothing like mentioning the bogey man for ending a political career.

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