Whatever they said about Mo Mowlam, the truth was usually cruder

Andy McSmith
mo mowlam 225x300 Whatever they said about Mo Mowlam, the truth was usually cruder

Mo Mowlam (Getty Images)

Today being the 15th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement which brought peace to Northern Ireland, it seems a good excuse to revive anecdotes about the slightly mad Secretary of State, Mo Mowlam, who did so much to make it possible while slowly dying of a malignant brain tumour. She shocked Northern Ireland’s Unionist politicians with her habit of hugging them and during at least one tense meeting, removing the wig that covered a skull rendered bald by chemotherapy. As Gerry Adams hesitated before putting his name to the document, she is reputed to have told him: “Bloody well get on and do it, otherwise I’ll head butt you!”

The 2010 Channel 4 drama about her life included an incident when a horrified David Trimble caught a glimpse of her knickers. In the script, the character playing her Minister of State Adam Ingram was given the line: “It’s lucky they were orange, not green.”

But when Ingram was asked by The Guardian whether this vignette was accurate, he said: “That is actually just a part of a story. The real thing is much, much cruder.”

  • Jai Putman

    hmmmm after 18 LONG years of recession, privitisations, so-called care in the community, lack of support for single parent families, the killing off of communities after people bought their homes and immediately sold them on to whoever came along, closures of hospitals, community centres and projects, the redefinition of both ‘unemployment and disability’, I’d put my money on the tory’s

  • Sean Brennan

    a great woman she had no equal

  • Terrence Henderson

    She, like the last King to die on a battlefield, both deserve a State funeral.

    She talked dirty to dirty IRA men, she won their respect and changed the bloodshed.

    He died defending his country, not as politician can do today by sitting in the Oxfordshire bunker at long distance of cowardice..

  • Anna Francesca

    Are you quite sane?

  • Reborn

    You’re right Mike Godfrey.
    Thatcher was forced to put right quickly, economic & cultural insanity that
    had allowed the unions to destroy large swathes of British industry in the 60s & 70s. This was the declared plan of Communist Party leader Harry Pollit in the 50s/60s. Scargill called for all media to be nationalised so that only
    “truth” could be published.
    Mass immigration, (mainly unnecessary), combined with multiculturalism, has put millions of persons beyond the law in the UK. Persons who hate &/or despise us for our refusal to condemn, let alone prosecute, them for ideologies that cause civil wars & murderous misogyny worldwide.
    Thanks to the multiculturalists, many Britons, including non white ones, feel strangers in their own land & are desperate to leave ghettoes being developed by immigrant colonists.
    This is not racism, it is a simple statement of fact, with Darwinian implications which we can all visualise, but few politicians dare mention

  • James Rowland

    much missed

    her heart was as good as her manners were bad

    a public servant in a government who thought the public existed to serve them

  • blackfirscharlie

    you are clearly demented

  • paul thomas

    Well put. I was`nt aware of Scargill`s comments, regarding the press.
    If the Laws allowed, we`d have a similar situation now with council house (Bob) Crow.He should be made to move into private housing on his income, to free it up for the needy.

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