Julian Barnes on Christopher Hitchens’s “ripple dissolve”

John Rentoul

julianbarnes Julian Barnes on Christopher Hitchenss ripple dissolveIn the New Statesman centenary edition:

He was the most brilliant talker I’ve met and the best argufier. At the Statesman he was largely gay, idly anti-Semitic and very left-wing. Then ripple-dissolve to someone who was twice married and had discovered himself to be Jewish and become a neocon. An odd progress, though he didn’t do the traditional shuffle to the right; he kept one left, liberal leg planted where it always had been and made a huge, corkscrewing leap with his right leg. I enjoyed his company but never entirely trusted him.

Also quite dry on David Cameron and the Coalition Government:

It seems perfectly possible that David Cameron will be remembered as the prime minister who “lost” Scotland and took Britain out of Europe. But then, this is a government with rare powers: who thought you could manage to produce a fall in unemployment combined with a triple-dip recession?

(From New Statesman press release. Photograph of Julian Barnes from NYT.)

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  • tonym333

    so bored of hearing about this hitchens bloke .its not like he was lacan or baudrillard or deleuze – a good journalist and essayist i am sure but hardly the intellectual high watermark….but julian barnes…not exactly borges or breton is he…. english letters never quite gets to that high intellectual purity. its easy to read and understand which is a blessing but then they never get to the really high, pure ground…which whether you can deal with it or not…there’s no denying there are levels and plateaus way way above hitchens, barnes et all…way above them.

  • Charlie Brennan

    I think it’s odd that you should throw intellectual heavyweights about like that and still write so poorly. Don’t you know what a capital letter is?

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