Sporting looky-likeys: From Phil Mickelson and Geoff Hurst to Brian O’Driscoll and Jack Wilshere

Paul Howarth
Geoff Hurst 2 300x225 Sporting looky likeys: From Phil Mickelson and Geoff Hurst to Brian O’Driscoll and Jack Wilshere

Separated at birth? Phil Mickelson (left) and Geoff Hurst (Getty Images)

With The US Masters now here in all its azalea-festooned glory, some big questions leap to mind. Is Tiger finally in the form to add to his 14 majors? Who’s going to be making those incredible putts to race up the leader board on Sunday? Can Justin Rose, Ian Poulter, Lee Westwood or Luke ‘Loooook’ Donald finally provide England with its first major winner since Nick Faldo’s third green jacket in 1996? Will Bubba Watson stop crying for long enough to mount a decent defence of his title?

And, of course, doesn’t Phil Mickelson look like Geoff Hurst? He does, doesn’t he? I cannot watch FIGJAM (as Mickelson is reputedly nicknamed, being an acronym whose final five letters stand for I’m Good Just Ask Me) without being transported back to 1966 or more specifically, the footage of that most famous day.

Oh and by the way. Anyone at Augusta shouting “You da man!” or “In da hole!” should have his (and it is always a ‘he’) face smashed off a giant tee with Bubba’s big-headed driver.

What other sporting looky-likeys are there?

Brian O’Driscoll and Jack Wilshere

A Roger Ramjet-style jaw, a boyish smirk and a pair of deep-set eyes.  All shared by these two hugely gifted sportsmen.

It took me a while to peg this one. I think I was too busy telling anyone who’d listen that Wilshere was the closest English football had come to producing another Gazza since… well, Gazza. His low centre of gravity, pace over the first few yards with the ball, vision, passing, strength and balance are all reminiscent of the troubled Geordie genius.

Subconsciously, I’d registered that his face reminded me of someone. It was only months later, when watching an Ireland Six Nations game, that I leapt up and yelled “Wilshere!” at O’Driscoll on the telly.

Dead ringers, no?

Stuart Broad and Elysse Perry

Years ago, someone placed a bet that Michael Jackson and his sister La Toya were one and the same person. Odds of about 5,000/1, apparently.

If I were a betting man (ahem) I wouldn’t mind having a similar wager on Stuart Broad and the spearhead of the Aussie women’s pace attack, Elysse Perry. Alright, so he’s about a foot taller than she is but, well, details details. The fact remains that no-one’s seen them on the same balcony.

They may look identical but I doubt ‘Britsa’ would’ve played through the pain in the way that Perry did in the recent Women’s World Cup final. She aborted her run-up not once but twice at the start of her spell, raising fears that the ankle injury that had kept her out of Australia’s previous two games had not healed. Then, to the palpable relief of her team mates, she did complete her first delivery, a good-length ball that went through to the wicket keeper. She followed this with three wickets in her first three overs, effectively snuffing out the West Indies run chase before it had a chance to get going.

Take that, doppelganger!

I love a list. So if you fancy contributing some examples, please do so here. Who knows? We might have a Christmas stocking filler on our hands.

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  • Sam Diamond

    Article NEEDS PHOTOS!

  • monaduff

    Haven’t got sporting lookalikes but Victor Valdez is spit of Shane Lynch from Boyzone.
    Liam from One direction looks like Bob Mortimer

  • paul_howarth

    Nothing wrong with a bit of sport/popular culture cross-over, Monaduff. Tomas Rosicky is the double of k.d. lang.

  • Emma

    Just watching the David Lynn interview at the Masters, reckon he has Michael Vaughan’s eyes and mouth at the very least.

  • BigStu Hfuhruhurr

    Off the sporting theme but I’ve never seen Steve Gerrard and Ian McKellen in the same room.

  • Bollins

    I have an idea Kevin Pietersen is also nicknamed FIGJAM, but not sure where I get that from. Anyway, my bid is Wayne Rooney and Kim Clijsters’ wedding. With some green face paint and a donkey.

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