Where do the seven new social classes live in London?

Alex Johnson

class11 Where do the seven new social classes live in London?

There’s been lots of chatter about the BBC’s new division of Britain into seven classes, ranging from the ‘Elite’ to the ‘Precariat’. The clever folk at Rentonomy have split London into these categories using income information from the Office for National Statistics, and homeownership details from the 2011 census as guidelines.

The result is an interactive map that shows the dominant class for that area.

“We don’t necessarily agree that one’s class is defined by whether or not they own their home or by their level of income,” said co-founder David Butler. “We feel that it’s increasingly a lifestyle choice rather than a compromise, yet in order to follow the BBC’s methodology and use accurate data, we had to base our analysis on these factors. So our map represents only two factors considered in the BBC study but is telling nonetheless. Incomes are generally highest in the centre of London and lowest on the periphery. For home-ownership levels, the reverse is true. That means we don’t get the traditional “high-in-the-middle” pattern which is common in these sorts of analyses”

David identifies a number of clear patterns, for example darker (which indicates residents nearer the Elite end of the scale) in inner South West London (Chelsea, Kensington and Knightsbridge) and around Hampstead Heath (Golders Green, Hampstead and Highgate), but it’s well worth having a look around yourself.

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  • mercury51

    it’s a poem, not a tune.

  • Junis

    Britain should not be class-based society. She should be more like Germany and Sweden. In my opinion, when the upper British classes mistreat the ‘white’ working class this is a form of racism. Racism is not about justice, it is about preserving wealth divisions.

  • julianzzz

    Bankers can deal drugs, they steal money and beat their wives, there is no such thing as moving up in the world. Buying a house in a more expensive area simply means that instead of living amongst petty criminals one lives alongside their bosses. Organised crime is directed from the best of areas. God help you if you have a neighbour’s dispute with the boss of a criminal syndicate.

  • julianzzz

    What’s a question of breeding? Culture isn’t, intelligence isn’t, criminality isn’t. The royal family has enough prominent historical failures to disprove your theory.

  • julianzzz

    So drunks and people with strokes and learning difficulties are classified as lower class in your eyes? Nice, you’ll fit right into the new Tory-land that is currently being constructed for us.

  • julianzzz

    Depends how obese they are, our districts are small.

  • Simon Fay

    Not worth trying to break down any other UK conurbations the same way? London’s all that matters?

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