Review of Made in Chelsea – Series 5, Episode 2: The ski trip

Daisy Wyatt

chelsea louise 225x300 Review of Made in Chelsea – Series 5, Episode 2: The ski trip

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SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen series 5, episode 2 of ‘Made in Chelsea’

Stop all the clocks. Jamie Laing has a girlfriend.

The self-confessed commitment-phobe dropped the “r-bomb” on Spenny and Proudster as he arrived home from his ski trip, where he couldn’t stop flirting with Phoebe and Lucy. It’s clear immature Jamie hasn’t learned from messing Binky about, and will continue to do so with new girl Tara.

Andy’s ski trip was doomed from the moment he invited Fran, Olivia and Phoebe, the three “fit” new girls on the Chelsea apartment block. Binky and Lucy were not amused. Especially Lucy, who aside from having sexted Olivia’s ex (or possibly at the time current) boyfriend, was rife with jealousy that she might have to compete for the boys’ attention.

Phoebe fits in well to the MIC clan, and you can see why Lucy would be wary of her with her bleach blonde hair, red lipstick, and piercings that try desperately to play down her privileged upbringing. Uma Thurman lookalikes Olivia and Fran on the other hand are nothing more than dull, pouting ornamental coat hangers.

But perhaps this is the cycle every new MIC character must go through. Last series Lucy wasn’t much more than a cold sister-hater bent on having every man for herself, and now, although not much has changed on the boy front, her icy exterior is breaking down. She even shed a few tears of remorse.

In the face of crying, backbiting girls, the MIC boys remained cheeky chappies (at least on the ski slopes). While Jamie somehow pulled off his “little troll” ski outfit, Francis looked a bit of a berk in his red patterned all-in-one. Especially as he came down the mountain in snow plough and then fell over (aren’t these people bred on the ski slopes?)

Away from the slopes Boulle-the-berk continued to cause trouble with Spencer, who poured his heart out to Proudlock about the flat sharing mess-up. While the girls’ immediate impulse is to put up divisions, the boys are struggling for unity. A very grave looking Proudlock rang Jamie after his chat with Spencer to say: “Spenny is our boy and we need to make sure it’s all sorted and we move on.”

The boys increasingly talk like they’re going out with each other. Jamie replied to Proudlock: “He can’t expect me to sacrifice my relationship with Francis because he has a problem with him. That’s so unfair on me.”

And in another example of male camaraderie, Proudlock (standing in his alarmingly empty concept T-shirt shop) eased pal Josh into the thought that someone might be interested in his former flame Phoebe.

As I mentioned last week, I think some of the MIC crew are getting a bit too hipster for the King’s Road, and Josh is one of them. His beard, popular Jewish name, denim shirt and silver medallion scream north London. His outfit made “chubby baker boy” Spencer look even chumpier in his chunky cable knit sweater and flat cap.

Rosie and Millie were not keen on Spenny’s new look either, and their giggles of derision brought on a confrontational exchange, in which Millie and Spencer both called their respective treatments of Louise “classless”.

At last! Someone in Chelsea uttered the c-word. Surely the worst thing you can call someone’s behavior in SW3? I wonder if Spencer thought Millie’s actions more emergent service worker or traditional working class…

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  • leighwoods1

    This is seemingly written in an almost incomprehensible urban patois. For what I can surmise from the internet, this is all based around a ’structured reality’ show based in some god-forsaken part of the eternal cesspit of the UK: London.

    You do realise that none of this is real and that none of these people even lives in the area? If it was a real reflection of the area it would likely be filled by Russians, call-girls and hollow sounds emanating from road after road of real-estate bought and maintained by the ill-gotten gains of some of the world’s most foulest and morally questionable characters.

  • Michael Rose

    i think you should cut to the chase.

  • Molly’s Lips

    Was the author paid for this badly written bit of drivel? Why is this classed as ‘arts’? and why is it even in The Independent?

  • Emily Thorne

    unfortunately this writer does not seem to be a Made In Chelsea veteran because I’m pretty sure last week she claimed Francis must be hard up since he was skateboarding to dates. Well any MIC watcher knows that Francis does that, its his quirk. For the rest of this review the writer seems to have performed an odd achievement by sucking all the fun, humour and glamour out of the show, taking it way too seriously and to add insult to injury being snotty into the bargain!
    sorry but I really think the MIC lot have more manners than to be smirking and sniggering over an:
    “emergent service worker”! (whatever that is?)
    and making snobbily horrible remarks about “the traditional working class” as has, rather unforgivably, here..

    Oh and don’t get me started about the rest of this 6th Form style gossip drivel denigrating Francis’s all in ones..

  • Emily Thorne

    I would have to agree with you there, I would not normally criticise a reviewer but in this case i do think it’s deserved since they have performed an odd anti-review somehow by making the show something it is not: flat, horrible and nasty..

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