When grown men cry

Andy McSmith

osborne crying 300x252 When grown men cryThe political event of the morning, without doubt, is George Osborne being caught on camera with a tear stain down his cheek. It changes our view of the Chancellor, who was previously thought to have an emotional make up approximate to that of Count Dracula’s, and will do his reputation no harm.

Crying in public does not always work for politicians. It did the ultimate  leader of the short lived Social Democratic Party, Bob Maclennan, no good that he wept as his party disintegrated. Rather, it turned ‘Blubbering Bob’ into an object of ridicule.

But that was because he was not a strong leader in the first place, and those tears only emphasised in his weakness. It did not harm Margaret Thatcher’s reputation that she wept when her son, Mark, was lost in the Sahara, or as she was ejected from Downing Street, because her reputation as the Iron Lady was well enough established to survive a tear or two. Similarly, it did Australia’s strong leader, Bob Hawke, no harm to weep on television when he talked about his daughter’s heroin addiction.

Tears even made money for the late Robert Maxwell when he was suing Private Eye for libel, because it emphasised for the benefit of the jury that this was a litigant who lost family members in the Holocaust. He bragged afterwards about how he had turned on the tears at will.

There must have been a time in history when professional sportsmen did not cry, but now it is almost mandatory. David Beckham, Paul Gascoigne, John Terry, Cristiano Ronaldo, Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Andrew Agassi, Pete Sampras, Tiger Woods – every one a sporting hero, every one cry baby.

  • creggancowboy

    Who weeps for the civilian dead when she sold arms to Indonesia?

  • Itsybitsy Mcdo

    but he’s an absolute cretin so surely human attributes don’t count

  • snozzle123

    Gideon is definitely human it seems. This is also confirmed by his cringeworthy ‘mockney’ accent when he did the talk for the Tesco? workers recently, he’s someone who wants to be liked and ‘fit in’.

    Maxwell was a bloody sociopath.

  • smitha1

    Nothing to do with the funeral… he has just realised that if Maggie had not closed the mines he would not have had to import all that oil.

  • Steve O’Malley

    “How do I look George?”
    “You look fine darling. Perfect…ly sombre.”
    “Here, let me straighten your tie. There.”
    “What do you think Frances..?”
    “You look fine George.”
    “I mean.. cry or not to cry?”
    “Oh! I see. Erm.. how do *you* feel about it?”
    “Cry, I think.”
    “You do what feels best George. Is that the car?”

  • ZacMurdoch

    Nicely done, but I don’t think you’re right. I am a Labour supporter, but Osborne had a tear on both cheeks and no idea that the camera was on him, or he would have wiped them away. He looked pensive at other times too, when others were laughing. I think he is human, and wonder who he was thinking about? probably not Thatcher. By the way, a Guardian reporter said he saw him on a bus travelling to the funeral – who’d have thought!

  • Steve O’Malley

    Yes you are right. Jon Snow tweeted the bus story too it seems. So there’s no plan B..

    “No darling.. we’re catching the bus.”
    “A bus?”
    “Well, a charabanc actually.. with the rest of The Cabinet.”
    “Oh George, do we have to? I mean..”
    “Yes, yes Frances, like it or not, we do. How many times do I have to say it? We are all in this together now,” and he mutters, “ ten million quid we are going to put on a show.”

  • ZacMurdoch


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