Where do people go when they move out of London?

Alex Johnson

432e41eaea7ece3143b2bd43cc231174b7892854 300x225 Where do people go when they move out of London?For many reasons – not least the price difference between the capital and most of the rest of the country – there is increasing interest in relocating out of London. A recent list by Savills of the top moving spots outside the M25 based on the percentage of its buyers in each market that are relocating from London included the ususal suspects such as Cirencester (32% from London), Beaconsfield (32%), Tunbridge Wells (29%) and further afield places such as Truro (14%).

Belinda Aspinall who runs Life After London, a popular site which connects those living outside London to those considering moving out from the city, names Guildford, Maidenhead and Bicester/Banbury as the top three most asked about locations. What’s also interesting is what kind of questions people ask.

So at the moment popular issues on the site are whether Epsom is a nice place to bring up children,  comparing St Albans and Guildford, and advice on the schools system in Buckinghamshire.

“We all like to think we are unique,” says Belinda, “but it might not surprise you to know that almost all the questions are variations on a few themes, what’s the commute like, is there much to do for children and what are the schools like, how does X compare to other areas.

“We do of course get lots of different questions – comparing golf clubs, which are the best local restaurants, recommended surveyors, builders and removal companies as well as more general questions like ‘I want to live one hour from the City and I don’t mind where’. However, it seems most people have a general idea of where they want to go and like the chance to nail down the specifics. Critical factors remain the education and well being of children for those moving with littlies. And for those retiring or downsizing or moving without children lifestyle and community seem to be all important.”

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  • Ian Watson

    I would recommend moving to Dorset which is 100 miles as the crow flies to London but sadly the county council is immensely corrupt and if you have children, the childrens services department of the same council is equally if not more corrupt as it steals children for profit and hands them out to its Masonic “adoptive parents” chosen only for their largesse with money and big houses

  • MikeSmith8828

    Oh Ian,

    Dorset is one of Englands most beautiful counties, You are lucky to live there. On the other hand your experience there appears to be very bad.
    Do you dare to provide more evidence or do you think your life might be in danger from these so called masons?
    On the other hand again, if my children were offered good home with good parents who had money to pay for my children’s further education , up to degree and professional level, If my children liked the opportunity, then yes, I would let my children go and wish them well, and hoping that the parting was on good terms, I would be so happy if my children would visit me again when they would be already professionally qualified, and they would already know it was for the best.

  • QuentinUK

    There’s a whole world outside London.

  • Kadesh Barnea

    Move to Cape Town and you won’t miss London at all!

  • justejudexultionis

    No, but you might get carjacked or shot and burnt to death for a few rand.

  • Kadesh Barnea

    Only if you hang out in seedy areas or are unfortunate enough to live in a “township”, which I assume any Londoner moving to SA would not have to do. We actually have very few carjackings, house robberies, shootings and so on in the quiet middle- to upper-class residential areas.

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