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top 10 300x246 Top 10sI like lists. You may have noticed. This blog is the home of the Banned List (now more than 750 words or phrases) and the list of Questions To Which The Answer Is No (now up to number 930, although it did start at number 94). I have done a few shorter lists over the years. I did the Top 10 Best First Lines of Any Song Ever, after Louise Mensch said on Twitter that the opening lines of “Supersonic” by Oasis were the best ever. That one was so popular it turned into a Top 40.

I have done the Top 10 Worst Lyrics of All Time, and the Top 10 Most Interesting Politicians, who didn’t include Mensch; she had left the House of Commons by then. Yesterday I did (or, rather, I copied out Tom Doran’s thoughts on) another music one, Top 10 Worst Beatles Songs.

Now I need your ideas. The editor of The Independent on Sunday magazine, The New Review, would like to include a Top 10 as a regular feature. If you have suggestions for other Top 10s, let me have them, plus your nomination for inclusion in the list and a reason for it, in the comments or on Twitter.

So far John Jones has suggested Top 10 Worst Movies, Best Simpsons episodes, Most Obnoxious Reality “Stars”, and Lynn Mildner suggested Top 10 Reality Cop Shows, but it would be better if they were things I knew something about. Nick Thornsby suggested Top 10 Acts of Parliament, and Adam Behr suggested Top 10 Disastrous Adverts or Advertising Campaigns, which is more like it, but I need nominations to kick them off.

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  • frances smith

    Well, I don’t like lists much, so how about the top 10 worst lists.

  • John Rentoul

    If you could just pretend they are not lists, but “some interesting thoughts to divert, entertain and inform”, I should be grateful.

  • Russell Child

    Lists of your favourite lists, or would that be too meta?

    A very short list of your favourite leaders of the Labour Party?

  • frances smith

    How mean. I think it is only fair that at least one list should be a list for people who don’t like lists, why are we left out?

  • frances smith

    How about a most expensive funerals list?

  • frances smith

    Or the ten worst humiliations at prime minister’s questions?

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