How Not to Help Guantanamo Detainees

John Rentoul

aamer How Not to Help Guantanamo DetaineesJust done a turn with Hilary Stauffer of Reprieve on Islam Channel (updated link) in which she argued (a) that the British government could take Shaker Aamer (pictured) back from Guantanamo because the Justice and Security (“secret courts”) Bill would allow it to keep its complicity in his torture secret; (b) that the obstacle to his release lies with the US Congress and not the British government, which has asked the US to send him to the UK, even though he is a Saudi citizen.

I tried to point out that, when all parties including the American President agree that Guantanamo is abhorrent and should be closed, accusing the one government in particular that has sought Aamer’s release, although he is not its citizen, of engaging in a conspiracy to keep him in detention seems a peculiar way of trying to assist his release.

There will be a debate about Shaker Aamer in the House of Commons because a petition calling for his return has reached 100,000 signatures.

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  • snozzle123

    Western liberals are being conned into supporting the likes of Shaker Aamer. The wiki leaks stuff reveals him to be a less than savoury character who has (alledgedy) been less than honest about why he just happened to find himself in Afghanistan. The campaign to free him is driven (alledgedy) by extremists who have been active on campuses trying to radicalise people. Western liberals are easily manipulated by fashionable anti Americanism.

    On top of that Shaker isn’t even British but Saudi.

  • greggf

    “I tried to point out that, when all parties including the American President agree that Guantanamo is abhorrent and should be closed….”

    It seems the commentator Erik Rush might agree with your sentiment JR, as evidently do some Buddhists in Burma, but perhaps not for the same reason.

  • Hill244

    Didn’t The Parsons Boy lay the trail for internment without trial?

  • tomkyle

    What does wikileaks reveal about him? In what way was he dishonest; did he not work for a charity in Afghanistan? The campaign is driven by extremists? Not that I know of: you can’t seriously be suggesting that his lawyer and one of finest human rights lawyers, is an extremist? This is nothing to do with ‘fashionable anti-Americanism: this is about the release of detainees who the Americans have deemed to be fit for release. This man has been found guilty of precisely nothing. Put up or shut up, snozzle123. Simple as that: 123, where’s your proof?

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