Top 10 postcodes where theft from homes has dropped

Alex Johnson

49e38071abe846dfcf9647b28622c9f1015acc9d 194x300 Top 10 postcodes where theft from homes has droppedThe rate of claims being made for contents theft from British homes is on the decline and reflected in lower premiums for homeowners, according to analysis of over 5.8 million home insurance quotes run on MoneySupermarket.

The analysis of quotes from March 2010 to February 2013 reveals the rate of claims for contents theft has decreased by 9% during the past two years. During the same period, home contents insurance premiums have fallen from an average of £93.81 in 2010 to £74.20 now while  the cost of combined buildings and contents insurance has dropped 11% from £173.70 to £155.14.

The analysis also identifies the postcodes in the UK that have seen the largest decline in the number of content theft claims.

Improvement Rank Postal Area

(Postal District showing largest fall)

2010 Contents Theft Rate   (Postal Area) 2012 Contents Theft Rate

(Postal Area)

1 Newport (NP19) 7.9 4.9
2 Nottingham (NG9) 6.1 4.5
3 Stockport (SK8) 6.2 4.7
4 Birmingham (B26) 7.0 5.4
5 Wolverhampton (WV14) 7.5 5.8
6 Huddersfield (HD3) 8.3 6.6
7 Dudley (DY8) 5.6 4.5
8 Oldham (OL4) 5.9 4.8
9 Bradford (BD6) 10.1 8.2
10 Reading (RG30) 6.2 5.1

Hannah Jones, home insurance expert at MoneySupermarket, said: “The analysis highlights an interesting trend in the fact thefts from the home actually increase in summer and autumn before dropping again in winter and spring. Although you might expect thefts to increase in the winter months when the nights get longer, the opposite actually happens. This may be due to the fact more properties are empty during the warmer months, and windows and doors are more likely to be unlocked when the weather is better, with opportunistic thieves taking full advantage when our guard is down.”

  • julianzzz

    Crime has gone down because there’s nothing left to steal in these towns, the bankers and Osborne have taken the lot.

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