Cameron: More Popular Than John Major

John Rentoul

David+Cameron+Meets+John+Major+Downing+Street+lGZNBQQYgxNl 202x300 Cameron: More Popular Than John MajorA Conservative told me: “David Cameron’s approval rating as prime minister is better than any previous prime minister at this point, since MORI started polling on this, apart from Tony Blair in his first term.”

That didn’t sound right to me, so I looked up the figures.

Looking at net satisfaction with the way that they were doing their job as prime minister two years and 11 months after starting the job, the numbers are:

James Callaghan -9½ points

Margaret Thatcher -12

John Major -46

Gordon Brown -24

David Cameron -28

If you want to quibble and look at Callaghan two years and 11 months after the election of October 1974, he was +16; or Major, the same period after the 1992 election, he was -48. And Tony Blair in April 2000 was +11.

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  • Pacificweather

    Look at what TB threw away! Fortunately, some parties can win a 66 seat majority on 36% of the vote whilst others are forced in to coalition with the Lib-Dems. In 1983 the conservative vote reduced by 1.5% on the previous election but they gained 58 seats. JR is pleased he lives in a democracy or he would have nothing to write about.

  • IllyaSolin

    Well, if the UK was truly democratic and parliament was formed based on actual votes using a PR system (which conservatives and labour alike don’t want for obvious reasons), there would be a coalition all the time. I’m not a liberal voter but liberals should have their fair share of seats in parliament in proportion to the people who vote for them.

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