“Could Abu Qatada Trigger a Snap General Election?”

John Rentoul

qtwtain1 208x300 Could Abu Qatada Trigger a Snap General Election?I am sure that we have had a similar question before, but this, asked by Simon Heffer in the Daily Mail, is number 934 in the series of the book, Questions To Which The Answer Is No (yes, that is what QTWTAIN stands for; the second T is silent).

Number 935, asked by The Guardian, also looks familiar:

Will the Kalq keyboard finally spell the end for qwerty?

Thanks to MJ Kilshaw.

Here’s number 936, asked by The Hollywood Reporter:

Will Gatsby Be Better in 3D?

Thanks to Larry Ryan.

Number 937, asked by Guy Rundle at Overland:

Is Richard Dawkins Responsible for Thatcherism?

Thanks to Joe Wildish.

Finally, Daniel Hannan asks another question that has been asked before:

Has the whole QTWTAIN thing run its course yet?

But we all know the answer to that one.

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  • Pacificweather

    Should it not be the first T that is silent? It makes it easier to say out loud.

  • mightymark

    Still very disappointed that “Was Mrs Thatcher the first Spice Girl” didn’t merit a place!!

  • Hill244

    Are Miliband’s Labour any different fro Blair/Brown’s or Camergoon’s Tories?

  • John Rentoul

    The Committee ruled that the answer to that question was arguably affirmative. There is a strong case in the literature of popular culture that the Spice Girls were an epiphenomenon of the Thatcherite hegemony.

  • mightymark

    Epiphenomenon – Schmepipheonomnon! Hey look, I’m a literalist, OK? (exits sobbing uncontrollably and vowing to decamp to Aaronovitch even if it does cost!)

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