Gordon Brown’s fees on the lecture circuit top £210,000 in two months.

Andy McSmith

Gordon Brown has earned almost half as much again in lecture fees in two months as David Cameron is paid in a year.  A single speech delivered in Dubai earned him a fee almost equal to a year’s salary for an MP. His payments for just four speeches delivered in various parts of the world so far this year come to over £210,000 – not counting any payments in kind in the form of free travel or hotel rooms. David Cameron’s annual salary is £145,000.

Though the fees Gordon Brown commands are no match for Tony Blair’s vast earnings, they would be enough to make him a multimillionaire, except that he decided from the moment he stepped down not to pocket any of his outside earnings, but to live off his MP’s salary alone. A note on the MPs’ Register of Member’s Interests emphasises that all of it “is being held by the Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown for the employment of staff to support my ongoing involvement in public life”. His office, which costs about £550,00 a year to run, supports a range of children’s charities.

Even so, his declared earnings are a striking illustration of how much more the big name politicians can earn outside politics. Gordon Brown’s latest additions to the register, published yesterday, reveal that he was paid £62,622.17 for a single speech delivered to a government summit in Dubai in February. The organisers also paid more than £26,000 in hotel and transport costs for the former Prime Minister and accompanying aides.

Earlier in the same month, he was paid £49,915 for a speech to an export conference in Houston, Texas. Late in January, a speech to the Callan Investments Institute,  in San Francisco, earned him £49,455.10. He was also paid £48,898.25 for ‘presentations’ to Trinity University in San Antonio.  In each case his hosts also paid for flights and accommodation.

That is in just two months. Multiply by six, and the inference is that the former Prime Minister is on course to generate around £1.2m for the upkeep of his office this year alone.

  • CreamOnTop

    The idea he benefits in no way is ridiculous.

    With 300 Bn of what even the Public Accounts Committee admits to euphemistically as overspend on PFI. Hundreds of millions to the bankers who still benefit from non market interest rates he is no doubt assured a huge income payable to his ‘office’ for the rest of his natural life and amazingly will not spend 1 day in jail for it.

  • Slicer

    Gormless Gordon Brown’s economic policies have ruined the economy for a generation.

  • snozzle123

    Are we are seriously supposed to believe people pay these clowns for their talent at speechifying ?

  • Pacificweather

    He wouldn’t get £5 for a speech in Britain unless rotten eggs and cabbages to throw at him were included in the entry price.

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