Made in Chelsea – Series 5, Episode 4

Daisy Wyatt

MiC 300x225 Made in Chelsea – Series 5, Episode 4

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SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen series 5, episode 4 of ‘Made in Chelsea’

Lucy and Spencer are a match made in haaaaaahven. If their Bond-themed date next episode looks anything to go by, the two could be very happy sipping champagne in a blue uplit bar together for their rest of their lives.

Lucy was back to her conniving series four form this episode. In an unnecessarily dramatic scene outside a country pub, she took Jamie to one side to tell him how the fact they kissed in the hot tub in Verbier (still unverified, just saying) caused her emotional distress once she found out he had a girlfriend.

She is not hurt one bit that Jamie ‘led her on’ while having a girlfriend, she is more distraught that she can’t chew on some unsuspecting singleton’s heart then spit it out over a date with his best friend. Tara prevents Lucy from manipulating Jamie’s feelings, that’s her real distress. Jamie was right to say the way she is playing a victim in the situation is a joke.

That said, Jamie’s behavior (if the kiss really did happen) is not to be condoned. If he really does “love” Tara then he shouldn’t have been playing behind her back on a ski holiday that she was too busy revising to come to. Does anyone else think Phoebe’s got away with it lightly here? Her and Jamie did actually kiss in Verbs and we all saw it on camera. Perhaps she doesn’t have the emotional energy to blackmail it all over town like Lucy.

Spencer, at the very least, has admitted to cheating on Louise in her bed with another girl. But the facts of his misdemeanour had to be drawn out of him by Stevie, of all non-event characters. Spencer yet again failed to show ANY remorse and his reply, “I just make mistakes alllll the time”, showed he had dug deep to new depths of personal introspection. That pashmina and ribbed beanie combo sure was a mistake too…

But then Spencer, being the considerate chap that he is, decided to put Louise out of her misery and tell her that something had indeed gone down (ahem) in her bed while she was at uni. As usual he tried to displace his own guilt back onto Louise, this time suggesting it was all her fault because the two of them were still sleeping together and had had sex 10 times since they broke up.

Louise outright denied it- but she would have to with Rosie sitting there watching the conversation unfold. She sheds yet more tears next episode while talking about how hard it is because she still loves Spencer- an annoying indication that he might be telling the truth.

As Lucy-Jamie and Spencer-Louise develop as the two central plot lines in series five, Ashley and Ollie dance on in the background. When I say dance I don’t mean to imply that every action Ollie takes can be read as an outward manifestation of his bisexuality and hence dislike of Ashley, that’s her job.

At one point Ashley looked the spitting image of Caggie- but slaggy Caggie has not been recast and alas, we are left to watch Ashley awkwardly navigate the confused shores of Ollie’s sexuality alone (aside from Cheska’s constant input). Ollie was weak to give in to Oscar’s view that he and Ashley are spending too much time together. It was clearly Oscar and not Ollie talking when he implied they had become too close too soon.

At least Ashley at last showed some backbone and bit back by telling Ollie “let’s just not fucking see each other then”. But if she really wants the whole thing to end she should employ the services of Lucy Watson- a sure catalyst to tear any SW3 relationship from its seams. Too bad Spencer’s not bi or he’d be good to call on too.

Although he does like pillow talk with Jamie…

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  • Francis Furillo

    All those years studying for a career in journalism paid off then.

  • laura caine

    louise needs to realise she is making herself the victim by allowing spencer to sleep with her and still control her whenever he pleases. is louise really a victim or is she simply making a fool of real victims. if thats the case women like her deserve all that comes their way. love is powerful and great when its good. saying she loves spencer knowing how he is and as he himself said she allowed it, who in fact is a victim!

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