UKIP Chairman Endorses Theresa May on Abu Qatada

John Rentoul

theresa may landscape 300x207 UKIP Chairman Endorses Theresa May on Abu QatadaI scored an unexpected Blairite victory on Voice of Russia radio today. We were discussing the Abu Qatada case with David Coburn, chairman of UKIP London, who wants the UK to decide who it keeps and who it chucks out, with Abu Q in the second category. Obviously, he want to repudiate the European Convention on Human Rights as well as to leave the European Union, and he knows the difference between the two.

We found common ground, however, when I said that I could understand if he didn’t care about the Jordanian justice system using evidence obtained by torture. Oh no, he said. He did not agree with sending people, not even Abu Q, back to countries that practised torture. What he wanted, he said, was the Jordanians to promise not to use evidence obtained by torture, then we could send him back.

I pointed out, in my consensual, big-tent way, that this was precisely what Theresa May was trying to do, and so everybody, including UKIP, should be pleased.

I exist only to serve.

You can listen to the discussion now (until 5pm – the fun bit is at the end); I will post a link to the segment later.

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  • mightymark

    So basically you are saying UKIP are not too bright. Whoever would have thought it!

  • Pacificweather

    Why do the British goverment and the British media honour Omar Mahmoud Othman by using his nom de guerre?

  • Hill244

    Did you find common ground on Labour’s wheeze of having 2 million innocent folks on an illegal under ECHR legislation National DNA Database?

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