Rentopoly: renting property in the UK infographic

Alex Johnson

Renting property in the UK Rentopoly infographic1 299x1024 Rentopoly: renting property in the UK infographic One for you infographic fans, a nice piece of design created by Propertywide (with a first exclusive showing here on the property blog) looking at rental prices at selected cities around the country including Bristol, Brighton and Nottingham.

The red figures is the average rent per month, the green figure the average income per month. And there are some hints and tips below the main ‘game area’.

Click the infographic to get a more readable image.

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  • Gus Ferguson

    What a surprise that London gets the Mayfair spot by a mile!! Such an expensive city to live in!


    Yes, but you can have a cool office on the Thames :P

  • Katy

    The prices are based on the price of one room so I think they are accurate!

  • Dr. Wang

    I pay £440 for my room in South London. I think that knowadays that is a good price!

  • Katy

    That’s amazing I know someone who pays nearly £700!!

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