“Did MI6 plot against UKIP?”

John Rentoul

tebb Did MI6 plot against UKIP?Number 938 in my series of Questions To Which The Answer Is No (only £6.14 to download the e-book) was asked yesterday by Douglas Murray at Spectator blogs. I particularly enjoyed Murray’s decorative touch: “Important to stress that it is not conspiracy theory.”

The question was originally asked by Norman Tebbit in 2001, in the form, “UKIP: Is There A Hidden Agenda?” also a QTWTAIN – it is not hidden.

Meanwhile the Committee has had an urgent meeting to deal with the outbreak of fake QTWTAIN featuring the word “really”:

Can a 4-year-old really be “addicted” to an iPad?

Do women really want to watch each other eat cat hair?

Does the Telegraph really need three blogs about a UKIP candidate’s joke backfiring?

These are not eligible for inclusion in my series, because the author or publisher does not imply that the answer is Yes.

This, on the other hand, is genuine, and is number 939 in the series:

Do atheists secretly believe in God?

Thanks to CM.

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  • Hill244

    Giovanni do you think we will be allowed to read Amanda Knox “Waiting to be heard”? It is the latest book to be banned in Britain. MI6 did not suss out one can buy it in Ireland and walk across the border with seditious material? See you at G8?

  • Pacificweather

    They probably left it to MI5. More their territory. However, I suspect UKip are right up their street, unlike Harold Wilson

  • Pacificweather

    You can buy it on the Ama&on US web site and save the trip to Ireland

  • Hill244


  • Pacificweather

    Someone has to pay they legal bills but it won’t be me.

  • Hill244

    Knox is sooo dirty you’d just do her….

  • Jake_K

    John, given that Amazon has knocked 49% off the price of your book, and not one reviewer has troubled themself to comment, can we take it that sales are going so badly that you will not be moved from your perch here any time soon?

    Would it help a more original journalist take your place if, say, I did a sponsored run in aid of sales?

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