Dish of the Day: The Reluctant Vegetarian’s recipe for Lazy Salsa Guacamole Combo

Anna Barnett

food 2 263x300 Dish of the Day: The Reluctant Vegetarians recipe for Lazy Salsa Guacamole Combo This dish combines two of my favourite Mexican sides: salsa and guacamole. The addition of the sun-dried tomatoes turns this into a dish with some substance and depending on how big you go on the chilli front, you can really give it some kick.

I’m into anything that saves on washing up, time and table space. I love that this can be served up with so many different mains or as a main itself. It’s a superior but super simple dish and my veggie mates love it. In fact I’ve not met anyone yet that’s not into it! Whether it be on a toasted piece of sourdough, in a tortilla, on nachos, mixed in with a crisp salad or spooned straight out of the fridge, it’s that one dish that’s pretty much guilt free. It’s rammed full of vitamins and goodness and looks great too!

Preparation time 10 mins


1/2 x Jar of sun dried tomatoes- around 7/8 pieces – leave whole

1x Red onion – finely sliced

1 x Red medium chilli – finely sliced

1x Lime – cut in half and juiced and added

1 x Handful of fresh coriander – finely sliced

1 x Vine of fresh cherry tomatoes – around 8/10 tomatoes – roughly sliced

2 x Avocados – ripe hass avocados, these are the best and most flavoured – stone removed and roughly scooped out

2 x Glugs of red wine vinegar

Salt, black & white pepper

If you like the heat, add a sprinkle of chilli flakes

Combine all of the above and DONE.

I served this up with crispy chilli fried smoked tofu, sour cream, coriander coleslaw, roasted courgette, red pepper and tortilla wraps.


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