Tony Blair’s $1m donation from a reformed Junk Bond King

Andy McSmith
blair 300x225 Tony Blairs $1m donation from a reformed Junk Bond King

Tony Blair (Getty Images)

It has been a long time since Michael Milken’s name was big news in this country. He was the 1980s Junk Bond King, who piled up untold wealth in the boom years, but came to grief at the end of that decade when he copped a 10-year jail sentence, a $200 million fine and a permanent ban on dealing in securities, after pleading guilty to six felonies, in what was then the biggest fraud case in the history of the US securities industry. The jail sentence was later reduced to two years. Since his release, he has reinvented himself as a philanthropist, contributing huge sums to medical research.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the star guest at the annual Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills this week was Tony Blair. The former Prime Minister was asked about a number of topics, including his time as a wannabe rock star, at Oxford University, when he was lead singer for a band called Ugly Rumours.

He told Michael Milken: “I think one of the great experiences that you should go through in life is to be in a rock band. That is for many reasons—some of which I’ll go into and some of which I won’t.”

He added: “If you want to be good at anything, whether as a rock musician or a politician, you’ve got to have talent.”

His answers must have gone down well, because when the session ended, Mr Milken informed his “visibly shocked” guest that he was donating $1 million to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation.

  • Samir Mokdad

    Let us hope that this $1m donation to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation goes to the many hundreds of Iraqi disabled children who are still suffering due to the unlawful invasion of Iraq instigated by both Blair and Bush…

  • hempwise

    Tony Blair should pay every single penny he has to the families and the children of Iraq .But his God told him to go to war so that makes everything alright then!

  • the void waits

    If there is a hell, Tony is definitely going!

  • Pacificweather

    Good to see a pair of fraudsters getting on so well. You have cleared this article with Mr. Rentoul no doubt?

  • Samir Mokdad

    Why the Foundation is called the Tony Blair Faith Foudation ?? Faith in what…?? By the way : most probably the $1m donation is Blair’s reward for executing the wishes of the American neo-cons to invade Iraq…

  • OzPete66

    Hi, my name is Tony and I helped kill over 100,000 people.
    Hi, my name is Michael Milken and I stole a heap of money from lots of people.
    We should get together, with my talent for stealing and yours for killing we could start a new political party. Our slogan could be “give us your money and we will help you die” .. no wait a minute, that belongs to the Tories.

  • Gerald Jones

    When will newspapers do us all a favour and save us from reporting on the activities of that disgusting man blair. Not interested!

  • Sally

    Thank you for this illuminating piece of news, Mr McSmith.

  • Allan Grubb

    Tony Blair + George W. Bush + Financiers the likes of Michael Milken + Haliburton + the US Neo-Cons = Weapons of mass distraction !!!

  • PaulOnBooks

    Faith in beating the rap.

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