Police commissioner seeks commercial sponsorship for the local constabulary

Andy McSmith

Martyn Underhill, a former Detective Chief Inspector who is now Dorset’s elected Police Commissioner, has announced on his blog that he is trying to set up commercial sponsorship for the five cash strapped police forces in the south west.

“The police family in Dorset  is living in austere times with a shrinking budget and workforce,” he complains. “We are the lowest funded force and have seen the worst cuts. This is wrong, and I will continue to fight this….I see huge potential benefits to forming appropriate sponsorship relationships with reputable organisations.”

The idea has found an instant opponent in Sergeant Nigel Rabbitts, chairman of the Devon and Cornwall Police Federation. “Why would any commercial enterprise want to sponsor the police?” he demanded, when asked by the Western Morning News.

The answer is obvious, surely. Any number of drug barons, fraudsters, embezzlers and other commercial operators would willingly ‘sponsor’ their local constabulary, if they only could.

  • Hill244

    Most do Mr McSmith it is called bribery

  • Pacificweather

    If you heard him speak about it on Radio 4, he was unusually sensible and coherent for a senior police officer.

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