Leadership, New York Times style

John Rentoul

JonFavreau Leadership, New York Times styleIt has slowly dawned on Americans that their system of government has a blocking minority in the Senate, in that a three-fifths majority is needed to overcome a filibuster (talking until time runs out and a bill falls). This has produced a lot of displacement commentary, in the form of criticisms of Barack Obama for his failure to lead.

Now Jon Favreau (pictured), the President’s speechwriter until three months ago, has had enough:

The commentariat has had plenty of advice for the president over the last few weeks about leadership, little of it helpful, realistic, or specific—unless you count Maureen Dowd’s incisive suggestion that the White House create charts with the names of congressmen whose votes they need, a sentence that was actually published in The New York Times.

Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan (semi-paywall).

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  • Hill244

    Giovanni – Yevgeni’s toy is looking more like a joke. “Comments banned on rape anonymity for legal reasons” Same as when you banned comments on Harwood? Or sacked Jody McIntyre for telling the truth? At least nobody can accuse Owen Jones of that;)

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