Game of Thrones ‘The Climb’ – Season 3, episode 6

Neela Debnath

melisandre 300x225 Game of Thrones The Climb   Season 3, episode 6SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen season 3 episode 6 of ‘Game of Thrones’

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After last week’s cliff hanger, things are starting to speed up and build towards the finale now that we have crossed the halfway mark of season 3. For the most part The Climb focused on Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and the wildings’ ascent up the Wall and crossing into the Seven Kingdoms.

There was a real sense of pace in this episode with Jon’s story, at the beginning they were at the bottom of the Wall and by the end they had reached the summit. As a viewer this progression was very satisfying because thus far we have only seen snippets of the story north of the Wall.

The closing shots of this episode were absolutely beautiful and cinematic, reminding me that each thread of Game of Thrones could be a standalone Hollywood blockbuster in itself. There is enough in each plotline to serve up a meaty story. However, by combining all of these stories, something richer and deeper is being created.

The audience also witnessed the tensest moment of Game of Thrones ever this week, when Orell (McKenzie Crook) cut Jon and Ygritte (Rose Leslie) loose, nearly sending them plunging to their deaths. It was reminder to viewers that no one is safe on the show and anyone can be killed off – as we saw with Ros (Esme Bianco), who became a target for Joffrey (Jack Gleeson) to practice his crossbow on.

Speaking of King’s Landing, things are moving faster in the capital with Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) being forced to inform Sansa (Sophie Turner) of their impending nuptials. Perhaps I’m the only one who feels more pity for Tyrion than Sansa, after all he will have to listen to her talking incessantly about lemon cakes and brave knights. No doubt, next week we will be seeing more of this arranged marriage.

Although Season 3 has been diverting from the novels quite a bit, it was not until The Climb that the story really departs from the original text. For instance Melisandre (Carice van Houten) seeks out Thoros of Myr (Paul Kaye) because he has Gendry (Joe Dempsie), one of Robert’s illegitimate children with Baratheon blood – this doesn’t look like it’s going to end well. Another example of the series moving away from the books is the continued torture of Theon (Alfie Allen) at the hands of Ramsay Snow (Iwan Rheon).

While these changes can be confusing for those who have read the books, it continues to work and helps to cut down some of the more unnecessary parts in the books. Moreover, by altering the plot line the cast is stopped from continually expanding. The makers of Game of Thrones have taken the best bits of the storyline and have made it work for the small screen.

As always there were some sterling performances in The Climb, among my favourite were Rheon’s turn as Ramsay Snow. He really let loose the sadist and evil side of his character, showing that he can pull off the mad man quite well. The others actors worth a mention were thespian heavyweights Charles Dance and Diana Rigg, who were a joy to watch as Tywin Lannister and Olenna Tyrell. Both held their own in the scene, with a sense of gravitas that only they could master. I’ve decided that Game of Thrones should be a British institution because the series has so many great British actors.

All in all The Climb was an exciting episode and was rounded off well – something that does not happen often in Game of Thrones. Usually, we are left on some sort of cliff hanger for next week but viewers were given a sense of ending however small. Now that they have scaled the Wall, things are only going to get more exhilarating from here on out.

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  • Amaterasu

    Are you able to write a comment without editing it after posting it ?

  • a_no_n

    nope…i’ve edited this one aswell…I normally spend about five or ten minutes after posting tweaking what i’ve said, incase you haven’t noticed, i have a tendancy to be a bit of an a55hole, and i regret some things that i say in the heat of the moment, and if i’ve made a mistake that nobody has already pulled me up on it i’ll change it…and i’ll always admit it if I get ‘caught’.
    Nothing in the rules against it…people are allowed to change their minds.

  • The_Wanderer

    This episode made a lot of mentions about how the quest for power can undermine and ruin a lot of people’s lives…. like Littlefinger did to Ros and Sansa. There are a lot of scenes with characters where they are either shown to powerless or pawns to the wills of certain powerful organizations or more powerful characters.

    I wrote a lengthy blog article looking into how power was
    examined in this Game of Thrones Episode, and I’ve linked that below.


    My favorite scenes from this episode have to be Littlefinger’s montage followed by Jon and Ygritte succeeding on their climb up on the wall. Also the series of conversations between Arya, Mel, Thoros, and Beric were great, too.

  • Amaterasu

    I thought you were female. Anyway, spoilers weren’t part of my original plan, but the people’s reactions were funny so I went all out. You haven’t answered my question.

  • a_no_n

    actually i’ve got a beard long enough to plait and male pattern baldness…I’m a man.
    This pretty much highlights exactly what i’m saying really…your opinions are based more on your inherent sexism and hatred of women than it is on fact.

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