What to do without Google Reader?

John Rentoul

oldreader What to do without Google Reader?Most of you won’t know what I’m talking about, but those of us internet fogeys who use Google Reader have just had a reminder that Google is “ceasing to support” it from 1 July.

It used to be called a blog aggregator, and for a while before Twitter it was the main way in which I kept up with the latest news and comment on the internet. It’s a tab in Chrome (in my case) which tells me which of the 37 blogs I monitor has new posts.

Anyway, it’s going, and so for people like me, for whom Google Reader still serves a useful function, the question is: what to use instead? I asked this on Twitter this morning. The most common answer was Feedly, but it has all sorts of “added functionality” that I don’t want which seems to make it fiddly (I’m here all week). Some people say it doesn’t work well in Chrome.

Others speak highly of Newsblur, which has a free version allowing you to follow up to 64 blogs.

I’m afraid I’m not the Consumers Association, so I haven’t even tried either of those. I liked the idea of The Old Reader, so I got that. It’s simple; it tries to be as similar to Google Reader as possible. It works well on iPad and iPhone. Transferring my old subscriptions wasn’t easy but I did it.

I commend it to you.

Update: I have had lots of suggestions. The Feedly fan club is strong. This David Pogue article in The New York Times is the best. He helpfully lists many other RSS aggregators: Bloglines, Pulse, Taptu, Reeder, FeedDemon, Spundge, Good Noows, HiveMined, Prismatic, Netvibes, NetNewsWire and ManagingNews. I ought to put in a word for Bloglines, because that was what I used before Google Reader. A start-up called MultiPLX has emailed me, and a couple of people have recommended Unbiasly, but I don’t know if it even does RSS feeds.

As I say, I haven’t tried any of the alternatives apart from The Old Reader, which is basic, does what I want it to do and hasn’t gone wrong yet. I suspect Feedly is what people should go for if they want something that looks good and can do things Google Reader couldn’t do.

Just the conservative side of leading edge, me.

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  • Hill244

    You keep banning folks on Twitter – all for asking about an arrest of a Labour leader in 1974!

  • enginedawn

    Good-bye Google Reader, you did a good job. Therefore; you will always be a part of my heart.

    What now?

  • Andrew MacFarlane

    I recommend Feedly – very easy to use and you can login with your Google reader credentials.

  • multumescmult

    thank you so much.. this is the best replacement for me as well..

  • judehawkins85

    yeah i am generally using it for my website this is eco friendly

  • MarkR

    I switch over to this: . What I like about it compared to Feedly or Newsblur is its searchable and has an option of combines stories form social media with the news.

  • Iel Balangue

    Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Oh, the trouble of having to find a replacement and moving my subscriptions! Argh! I’m not a fan of twitter and love my google reader. Sayonara Google Reader. You served us well… but why??????

  • Vitus Capital

    Netvibes. Only a little weird. The rest actively fight you in many ways.

  • Bill Hicks

    Feedly is terrible. A featured page of the day on every category you have which you cant turn off? Who loves that?

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