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John Rentoul

Blair 1 225x300 Forthcoming TitlesI am pleased to say that Faber Finds is reissuing my 2001 biography, Tony Blair: Prime Minister, as a paperback and e-book on 20 June. It comes in a plain cigarette wrapper (pictured).

The new edition has a 20,000-word Afterword to cover the 2001-07 period and to provide an assessment of Blair’s record as Prime Minister.

I am grateful to Richard T Kelly, a brilliant editor and writer, whose idea this was.

Meanwhile, the parallel work on a fuller reassessment of the Blair Government continues. Dr Jon Davis, my colleague at Queen Mary, University of London, and I hope to publish a book next year with OUP that will draw on discussions with about 50 ministers, civil servants and advisers, including Blair himself, who have talked to our students.

This was originally going to be a study of New Labour in government, with a working title of The Blair-Brown Coalition, but our current intention is to focus on the “10″ rather than the “+3″.

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  • Hill244

    Blair’s legacy will be the erosion of civil liberty in Britain.

  • Junius

    I am frustrated to learn that John Rentoul’s critically-acclaimed biography* of Tony Blair is being re-issued with a 20,000 afterword when only a fortnight ago I splashed out a whole penny (plus shipping) on the 2001 paperback, admittedly second-hand from amazon marketplace.

    I assume the continuing unpopularity of the subject is the reason for the book being published in a plain cigarette wrapper, although presumably without a health warning or being hidden from the sight of bookshop browsers. Also surely it is rare for the author’s name to be displayed more prominently than the subject, especially when that subject is a sometime prime minister? Will the straight kinda guy ever forgive such upstaging?

    *’An exhaustive chronicle of the Prime Minister’s first term in office…’ Economist

    ‘A meticulously researched, well-written book…’ Express

    ‘He didn’t save the world though, did he?’ G Brown

  • Jake_K

    I presume the logic behind the commendable idea of marketing cigarettes in only the plainest packaging is the same as lies behind the dustcover of this obsequious tome?

    I guess Blair and cigarettes do have a lot in common – they kill hundreds of thousands but still make money…

  • Pacificweather

    You bought the good version. The update will be a crock as the “Yo, Blair” man would say.

  • Citizen Sane

    Who is the “Yo, Blair” man? I know not of whom you speak.

  • Pacificweather

    President George Walker Bush

  • Citizen Sane

    No, I’m afraid there must be some mistake. He never said those words. A routine misquotation.

  • Pacificweather

    Just goes to show that everything you see and hear on TV, even the BBC, is a routine misquotation. I saw it and heard it with my own eyes and ears yet it was an apparition. It looked so real but it was a mistake, he never said those words. Those guys on the moon stuff was all filmed in a studio, we all know that but “Yo, Blair” ….. I am flabbergasted.

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