Made in Chelsea – Series 5, episode 6

Daisy Wyatt

mic 300x225 Made in Chelsea   Series 5, episode 6SPOILERS: Do not read this if you have not seen series 5, episode 6 of ‘Made in Chelsea’

There’s a double helping of double standards to be had in Chelsea as series five reaches its midpoint in episode six.

Spencer is disgusted at the thought of any man so much as breathing on ex-flame Louise, yet merrily whisks Lucy Watson off to have his wicked way with her in Paris for the weekend (which was less wicked-way and more an excuse to smugly practise his prep school French).

Equally Louise tries to give Lucy a hiding, which falls flat when she realises her behavior with Andy is much the same as Lucy’s romantic getaway with Spencer, except unlike Lucy, Louise actually slept with Andy on their first date (not that Louise should be judged by the male double standard).

Spencer, then, wants to woo Lucy in gay Paris while refusing to commit to Louise but still wanting a bit of her dip-dye on the side and at the same time thinks it fine to control which other guys get to put their hands in his former but-still-sometimes-every-morning cookie jar.

In a tense moment at the bar, which Stevie aptly described as having a “butters vibe”, Spencer begins to lay into Andy for moving on with Louise. But Andy replies cooly: “You are now single. She is now single. You’ve moved on. She can now move on.” But it seems even deductive logic is not good enough for Spencer. He’s had his cake and he now wants to eat it. No wonder he piled on the pounds in season four.

Louise on the other hand seems totally unconvinced that she likes Andy, whereas at least it is obvious there is a real chemistry between Spencer and Lucy. Although she affectionately calls Andy “nostrils” on their bowling date and makes some tenuous analogy about the history of their relationship, she has to keep reminding herself that she doesn’t normally move on this fast.

At least she has the support of Binky and Rosie, who can keep assuring her she’s definitely not just sleeping with Andy to make Spencer jealous. Oh no. In fact Rosie even endorses Louise’s evident using of Andy by saying to her “he’s a cool guy, it’s not like you’re using someone random to get back at Spencer.”

Rosie’s reasoning seems entirely flawed. Would it not be better to get over your ex with someone random rather than a guy who’s your friend and whose feelings you might want to keep intact? I still haven’t forgiven Rosie for sleeping with Hugo behind Millie’s back and don’t think her romantic insights can be taken seriously.

Binky however made light of the whole fiasco by asking Louise if she’d seen Andy’s “willy” (which again yielded an unconvincing “no” from Louise). Binky’s role was thankfully stepped up this week from being Lucy’s sidekick to appearing in Mark Francis’s fashion shoot, where she stood “full of vitality, full of life, but also sad. She’s had the world at her feet. And she’s had it all of her life.”

The photographer clearly thought Binky was smoking. Could this be another story line development (please)? I don’t see how Spencer and Louise’s to-ing and fro-ing can keep up momentum for six more episodes. In series five there’s no couple that you’re burning with desire to get together (Sophie and Boule) or an infidelity that you know is bound to surface anytime soon (Rosie and Hugo) which makes the season less satisfying to watch so far.

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  • FlashFellow

    This is still on ?

  • Will Bremridge-willbphoto

    I am the photographer you mentioned and I can assure you that neither Binky or any of the other cast or crew were smoking. The staff at the venue simply didn’t allow it. I hope this clears things up.

  • justanotherfan

    i think it meant smoking as in ‘Hot’

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