Would YOU get a company tattoo in return for a payrise?

John Rentoul

jrtattoo 293x300 Would YOU get a company tattoo in return for a payrise?Number 944 in my series of Questions To Which The Answer Is No, asked by guess who.

General Boles seems to think that the answer is yes, and he has the photographic evidence to prove it (right).

Yes, it’s a long story. The David Bowie album covers theme got a little silly on Twitter. General Boles is amazingly good at this stuff.

Number 945, asked by the same newspaper:

Can’t they just paint her as she really is for once?

(It’s the Queen, if you are boycotting the Mail website.)

Number 946, asked by the BBC:

Can birdsong make you open a bank account?

The question was asked on the website front page (below); the article is here. Thanks to Edmund W. The book of Questions To Which The Answer Is No is here.

birdsong Would YOU get a company tattoo in return for a payrise?

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  • mightymark

    Since you were getting all arsey disqulaifying my “Was Mrs thatcher as the first spice girl” the other day, I don’t see how 944 qualifies either. “No” isn’t THE answer – it might be yours and it would certainly be mine, though I have a fat(ish) public sector pension (now just watch the hate grow!) so don’t need the money that much.. But “No” isn’t the only possible answer – many would say “yes”.

  • Hill244

    Is the Indy tattoo “the mark of the beast”?

  • Elijah Greenleaf


    Tattooing is a corrupt, harmful, unsafe practice that must be discouraged. Tattoos are demonic, unclean defilements DUDs that indicate alcoholism, sadomasochism, hard drug abuse. The skin is injected with unregulated industrial dyes that contain toxic metals and chemical solvents. Tattooed individuals experience social difficulties, addiction to pain-killers, mental disorders, hallucinations, mood swings, auto-immune and infectious diseases.

  • Pacificweather

    “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead nor print any marks upon you” but for the living it is kosher. Better still is 19:27 “Ye shall not round the corners of your heads”. What ever happened to all the people with corners on their heads. Ignored the word and died out it seems. Shows you can’t be too careful.

  • Pacificweather

    Cool jacket dude!

  • Benedict Edwards

    And paranoid delusions, don’t forget about those.

  • zumbruk

    Perhaps you should look up “correlation” and “causation”.

    Tats are still nasty, though.

  • Unsocial_Scientist

    I used to work for a very successful US IT company that was considered very cool at the time – typical garage type start-up and unbelievable growth for a number for years. One of our staff had the name of the company tattooed on his neck (above the collar line) in corporate colours. Whilst it was of great interest for a while, the company was sold about two years later and subsumed into the purchasing entity – so the name no longer exists.
    I often wonder whether that staff member wears polo-necks or scarves a lot these days!

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