Eleven Labour MPs backed last night’s Tory rebel amendment. Another didn’t vote

Andy McSmith

These are Labour MPs who voted for the amendment regretting the absence of an EU referendum last night:

Rosie Cooper

Jeremy Corbyn

John Cryer

Natascha Engel

Frank Field

Roger Godsiff

Kate Hoey

Kelvin Hopkins

Grahame Morris

Dennis Skinner

Graham Stringer

Austin Mitchell signed the amendment, but according to Hansard, he did not vote.

Other backers of the Tory rebels amendment were DUP MPs, Nigel Dodds, William McCrea, David Sampson and Sammy Wilson , George Galloway from Respect, and a sole Lib Dem, John Hemming.

  • Hill244

    A Lib Dem with principles? Have him stuffed and put in a museum!

  • Junius

    More to the point, the Beeb’s news website reports that John Mill – who made the largest donation to the Labour Party in the first quarter of this year, dwarfing the £767,000 by Unite – wants the party to commit to an in-out referendum on the EU. Writing on the Labour Uncut website, Mr Mills said: “To boost jobs and growth, British business has to be competitive, and it is with this aim in mind that Business for Britain is seeking a better EU deal to help pave the way towards economic prosperity.”

    One suspects that money talks, even in the party of the horny-handed sons of toil. However, the intervention of hugely respected and influential political commentator Andy McSmith could swing the debate one way or the other. When will he summon up the courage to come off the fence?

  • Pacificweather

    One wonders how the EU is going to make Britain more competitive. It has already cut wages in many industriesthrough immigration, especially construction. Perhaps he would like it to cut holiday pay or raise working hours. It constantly amazes me how stupid very rich people can be.

  • Junius

    Perhaps he wants to rescind the Working Time Directive – a favourite target of Europhobes – and permit Gradgrind gaffers to force their employees to slave more than 48 hours a week. That will apparently make Britain more competitive, although I am at a loss to understand quite how tiredness and loss of concentration contributes to competitiveness. And of course, under the existing WTD employees may volunteer to work longer if they so wish, so individuals are not being restricted to 48 hours by our tyrannical Masters in Brussels.

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