“Clearing the Battlefield”

John Rentoul

ios 236x300 Clearing the BattlefieldMatthew d’Ancona says David Cameron’s talk is of “clearing the battlefield”. Which is a nice way of saying, “everything looks like a shambles now, but just imagine what it will be like the week after next when all this bad stuff is out of the way”.

D’Ancona reports what I had heard, which is that No 10 expects gay marriage to be finally on the statute book by the end of this month. Then Conservatives can focus people’s attention on what one of the party’s spinners calls “the quiet implosion of the Labour Party”.

Like as if.

Tomorrow’s front pages (ours is here) are a reminder that, in government, respite never comes.

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  • porkfright

    Clearing the battlefield for another round of top-class comprehensive underperformance in all spheres except self-aggrandisment.

  • Pacificweather

    If the Prime Minister does not have the courage to sack Gove and Hammond then he doomed to become another John Major. These two politicians are not respected by the electorate because they are seen as incompetent as well as self serving. There is no escape from events but there is respite from the bstards if you have the courage.

  • mightymark

    Only LOOKS like a shambles?!

  • reformist lickspittle

    “Quiet implosion of the Labour party”

    Can anybody explain what this meaningless, delusional babble is meant to mean??

  • Kippers

    Who commissioned Yates to write that article about the murder of Daniel Morgan for the Independent on Sunday? Was it you, Rentoul? A very stange decision, don’t you think, given that Yates’ behaviour over phone hacking was far from straightforward?

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