Cameron on Gay Marriage Should Make Us Proud

John Rentoul
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Apologies to Benedict Brogan, deputy editor of The Daily Telegraph, whose excellent morning briefing describes the fuss over gay marriage as “avoidable”. Avoidable how?

Then we had Tim Montgomerie and Mary Ann Sieghart on the Today programme saying that David Cameron should have come out fighting for gay marriage. “That’s what Tony Blair would have done,” said Sieghart.

You’re all mad, swivel-eyed loons.

Equal marriage is right. Most people in Britain agree with it. But it is quite a new idea and there are some people outside London who are not yet on high speed broadband.

In fact, it is such a new idea that New Labour didn’t do it. Tony Blair only got round to equal rights for gay people in the armed forces after several years and several European legal rulings and with a softly, softly “oh look is that the national minimum wage over there?” approach.

David Cameron is brave and right. He is doing the right thing and trying to do so tactfully, without telling all the 65+ demographic that they are a steaming pile of prejudice.

I’m proud of him.

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  • Russell Child

    I couldn’t decide whether your comment was worthy of reply. But I did wonder if a supposed Christian actually thinks that a fellow human being who is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered is ‘worthy of death’?

    Aren’t you ashamed of putting your name to such hateful bile?

  • Pacificweather

    Forget equal marriage, I’m campaigning for equal divorce.

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