Dish of the Day: Beer matching menu – Part 3 – The Main

Will Coldwell

beer 300x299 Dish of the Day: Beer matching menu   Part 3   The MainThe main course on most beer matching menus tends to be meat. Not just any meat, pork. And I’m not talking about a couple of chops or a sausage, I’m talking about roast suckling pig or trotters stuffed with chicken mousse. The kind of pig you’d eat at a feast.

For my beer matching menu, I don’t want the main event to be meat. Fish is a far more interesting dish and can work just as well. The dish I’m going for is a Slovenian classic; trout. I spent a long weekend in Slovenia last summer, near the Soca river, where much of the country’s trout comes from. The fish is seasoned with lemon, flour, salt, pepper and a ton of garlic. The fish is then grilled, until the crispy shell of garlic that coats the skin is golden brown. When you eat it you almost crack through the garlic layer to get to the light, fluffy fish inside. It’s delicious. Especially with a beer.

There are a couple of beers I would match this with. The first is Brodie’s Hoxton Special IPA (6.6 ABV). It’s a very hoppy beer, which some may think too strong to serve with fish, but this dish, with its pungent garlic seasoning, can hold out to it. As well as being loaded with fragrant spicy notes, the beer has a full on lemony citrus body with complements the fish nicely.

If you are less inclined to drink strong tasting IPAs, a softer matching I’d also recommend for this dish is Camden Town Brewery’s Gentleman’s Wit (4.3 ABV). It’s a wonderful wheat beer made with roasted lemons and bergamot. Again, the citrus flavours complement the fish, but the heaviness of the wheat beer adds a richness to the entire course. The Belgian style beer is only made in special runs, but it is currently available by the bottle at Byron and the Brewery Bar. I wouldn’t expect it to last long either, so it’s worth stocking up while you can.

Next week will be the final part in the beer matching menu and will look at dessert and the digestif.

If you’ve got your own suggestions for food and beer pairings that you think work well post them in the comments below.

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  • Viberunner

    “I’m talking about roast suckling pig or trotters stuffed with chicken mousse”

    No you’re not. You’re ruining the image of beer, nothing more.

    Go back to wine.

  • David Sumner

    Indian food is better matched with IPA in my opinion. The Ale intensifies the spices without blowing your mouth off, and matches those bold flavours perfectly. I’ve written my own article on which cuisines match different types of beers:

  • Will Coldwell

    That is a really nice match. I really rate Punk IPA too.

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