Lord Tebbit and the ‘lesbian Queen’ – funny, but not original

Andy McSmith
tebbit 225x300 Lord Tebbit and the lesbian Queen   funny, but not original

Norman Tebbit (Getty Images)

Norman Tebbit has created a stir by telling the Big Issue magazine that the legalisation of gay marriage could lead to there being an heir to throne who is the child of a lesbian queen, created by artificial insemination.

While Lord Tebbit has shown that he has lost none of his talent for drawing to attention to himself, at the age of 82, he is not being original. Exactly the same point was made in March by another Tory peer, Nicholas True, when the Lords were debating the Succession to the Crown bill, which says that if the first child of the Duke of Duchess of Cambridge is a girl, she will not be overtaken in the order of a succession by a younger brother. The difference is that Lord True was being serious. Lord Tebbit, if I read him right, is having a laugh.

  • thesonofmyrahindley

    Reading this makes me wish that it was Tebbitt who was left paralysed instead of his wife.

  • grammarschoolman

    That child would be bound to be illegitimate, because its two parents would not be the same as the two people in the marriage. No deeming would have to take place.

    The only people who have anything to be ashamed of are those who are putting political correctness before simple logic, unlike Lord Tebbit who is spot on about this.

  • Rajput Bhatti

    The economy is in poor shape, jobless number grow, manufacturing industry is growing weaker, SME’s are going bust.
    But the Tory party continues with this lunacy, gay marriage is a non-issue, people should be allowed to marry who they want, the Government needs to get on with fixing the economy.

  • samjaidee

    To wish someone paralysed for life makes you a particularly sick human being. Why do you feel the need to live up to your name which presumably you thought was humorous, which it clearly isn’t.

  • thesonofmyrahindley

    I can only presume you’ve never been affected by Tebbit’s policies.
    Count your blessings from your townhouse in Islington.

  • samjaidee

    I’m an English teacher in Vietnam. The only property I’ve ever owned in England was a 50% share in a two bedroom flat in Wandsworth back in the late 80s. I now share a rented flat in Ho Chi Minh City.

    Whether I’ve been affected by his or anyone else’s polices is neither here nor there. To wish paralysis on anyone is a grotesque thing to wish. It goes against my fundamental belief in karma.

  • thesonofmyrahindley

    Karma is certainly a think Tebbit has seen at close quarters #nomorebonkingforsirnorman

  • Chippychap

    Is your only answer to out nutter the nutter?

  • Chippychap

    You do make Sir Norman seem an easy going rational sort of chap

  • Chippychap

    You mean like the Royal cuckoo Prince Harry?

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