Wandsworth tops aspiring young professionals hotspot list

Alex Johnson

5bf374d671f10b77528cde30dc238908fd0252e6 300x199 Wandsworth tops aspiring young professionals hotspot listWandsworth in south-west London is the leading property hotspot for aspiring young professionals in England and Wales, according to figures from Lloyds TSB who argue that it’s popularity is due to its easy access to central London, as well as its mix of Victorian and Edwardian properties and new riverside flats and conversions.

Fulham, Battersea and Wimbledon – also in the SW postal area – are the next most popular areas and indeed 18 of the 20 property hotspots favoured by young professionals are in the capital, including Paddington, Kilburn and Hampstead. Hove and central Brighton are the only areas outside London in the top 20.

Outside the south east, the area most favoured by young professionals in England and Wales is Didsbury in south Manchester. Other popular choices include Clifton in Bristol, central Cambridge, West Bridgford in Nottingham, and Broomhill and Fulwood in Sheffield.

Nitesh Patel, Housing Economist at Lloyds TSB, said: “Aspiring young professionals are typically well-qualified and in well-paid jobs. They tend to live in areas that are not far from the city centre, but are also places where they can enjoy open green space and a café style environment. Buyers typically pay a significant premium to live in areas popular with young professionals.”

These hotspots tend to come with a large price tag. Those in the 20 most popular areas in London pay around 32 per cent (£619,000) above the average price for their local authority. In the SW6 area of Fulham, for example, the average price of £847,620 is 23% above that for the wider Fulham area. In the SW11 area of Battersea, residents would need to pay a 19% premium on an average priced house compared with houses in the surrounding area.

Similarly, areas outside the capital popular with young professionals typically have relatively higher property prices. In Didsbury, young professionals pay on average £236,844 compared with £142,041 in the rest of Manchester. In West Bridgford, the average property value (£229,456) is 53 per cent above that for Nottingham as a whole. The area of Harbourne in Birmingham, where the average house price is £251,015, comes at the greatest premium above the average for the city of £146,201. The most popular area in Wales – Cardiff Central – has property prices at a 52 per cent premium compared with the city average.

Flats are the most popular property type in many of the areas most favoured by young professionals. For example, flats account for four fifths of all properties in Hove (BN3 postal area) and Clifton in Bristol.

Terraced houses account for the majority of property sales in central Cardiff (81%), as well as in Broomhill and Fulwood (58%) in Sheffield.

Detached properties account for a much smaller proportion of homes purchased in the most popular areas in England and Wales with young professionals. West Bridgford in Nottingham (13%) had the highest proportion of detached properties sales in an area popular with young professionals.

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  • delilah1

    I lived in West Bridgford in the early 1960’s when working at Boots. Apart from Trent Bridge it had little to commend it. Mapperley Park was the ‘in’ place

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