Soundbwoy star Stylo G on carrying on the family business

Emma Gritt

Stylo G 300x225 Soundbwoy star Stylo G on carrying on the family business His new single Soundbwoy is already shaping up to be one of the summer’s hottest tracks, but as far as Stylo G is concerned, the real thrill will come when he gets to perform the anthem with a live band. The track, a buoyant dancehall skank with a UK bass anchor, has the ability to get everybody’s head nodding, whether they are into the South Londoner’s raw sounds or not.

Growing up, 27-year old Jason McDermott was immersed in music thanks to his dad, reggae star Poison Chang. Sadly he passed away before he could see his son make the transition from mixtapes to studio sessions with Dutch producers and glossy music videos, but Stylo is determined to keep his dad forever in the forefront of his mind, hoping that as his own reputation grows, so does people’s awareness of his father and his own body of work.

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Stylo G, I am a UK dancehall artist. I was born in Jamaica and came to the UK when I was 14. I’m also the son of Poison Chang, he’s a reggae legend back in Jamaica. I love making music and have been focusing on making the biggest impact with that.

How did you make the leap from mixtapes to 3Beat?

I decided to make that leap after releasing so many records on the underground and doing all the pirate stations and building up a fan base myself, you realise it isn’t enough to just be that artist. And then 3Beat came in and they were wanting to help my career and take it to the next level. Moving from mixtapes to signing to a label was kind of like graduating from school to college.

Tell me the story behind Soundbwoy.

It’s my first single with 3Beat and came from my first studio session with them and ended up being my first single.

How did you come to work with Diztortion?

I came to work with Diztortion, a producer from Amsterdam,  through the label. We kind of got on straight away. He’s definitely a cool guy. It was meant to be a listening session but we just ended up connecting straight away and started making the beat. He understood where I was coming from with my music and where I wanted to take it – in less than 2 hours we had ‘Soundbwoy’, a mixture of reggae with British culture.

What are you most excited about this summer?

I’m most excited about performing Soundbwoy with a live band, because that’s always been my dream – performing with a live band to a big audience singing along to your songs. I went to Wireless two years ago and saw Tinie Tempah which inspired me to make sure I make music to that can reach those platforms too.

If you weren’t making music, what would you be doing?

I would be playing football or doing something else in the limelight. Me, I just love being in the limelight, I’ve been like that since I was a kid – seeing my dad be a star, made me want that.

How did you get to where you are today?

Just by belief and hard work as well as never giving up.

What artists do you admire?

I admire Bob Marley and my dad who passed away. I also admire Busta Rhymes for using the patois and bringing it to a wider audience. There are loads of other artists I admire too, I could go on and on. I admire Sean Paul, Shaggy, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Mavado and Vybz Kartel because they all put reggae and dancehall on the map and I respect that.

Are there any other up and coming artists you want people to check out?

I’m not really listening to a lot of artists at the moment as I’m deep in a Stylo G zone working on my album but I’d definitely say look out for Lady Leshurr, Sneakbo and Cashtastic who are all doing well know and breaking through.

How does your dad’s legacy inspire you?

His legacy inspires me because I feel like I need to finish his job. And as the eldest son I decided I need to take on the role and finish it and do it more properly. And show people about my dad and those who never knew about him. That was my plan and it seems to be working as those who may not have known about my dad are now getting to know him.

What’s next for you?

Working on my next single which will follow soon and I’m looking forward to releasing some big records and doing some live shows. It’s a very exciting time. I’ve also just been granted clearance to use a Bob Marley track for something special so look out for that too.

Soundbwoy is out not.

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  • ForGodsGlory

    Devil worshipping skank. There is no reason why this inane Lucifer worshipper should be in the independent, but, like all these skanks who use one eye (eye of lucifer – all seeing eye) symbology, they get free publication because they are sure to debase the public.

  • Kara Şimşek

    Hi! I’m the author of the article. I know what you’re referencing with the one eye symbolism, but TBH I didn’t think media programming of that level trickled down to new UK urban artists. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts! Thanks for the comment.

  • ForGodsGlory

    Well, i beg to differ. It is called the “externalisation of the hierarchy”, it is public knowledge and public for a reason, to swell the numbers of Satanists/Luciferians and influential people who promote this agenda/religion.

    Why do you think he is covering up his eye for this picture? Some kind of whacky fashion statement? No, people don’t do this without first knowing what it means. IMO he is stating his allegiance and looking for handouts from what he knows – due to the externalisation spoken about by the likes of Alice Bailey – are Luciferians in positions of power who can popularise him and use him to spread their moral ethos.

  • Emily Thorne

    ha ha ha:) thanks for a bit of a laugh in a laugh-free week…

  • Emily Thorne

    Yawn, put a lot of work into his name, didn’t he?
    or perhaps he got the idea from watching Made In Chelsea..
    Doesn’t he list as his (yawn) inspirations several homophobic misogynist artists?
    but i guess all that A OK in fact cool if you’re Jamaican..

    Nb. He just looks ’stremely stoopid with his hand over the eye posing like that, i would suggest, which whilst tiresome and derivative doesn’t Usually qualify one for Satanism, poster ForGods Glory, i would suggest?

  • ForGodsGlory

    You think its a joke? Just do a little research on what im talking about, its not a joke. Indeed Alice Bailey is the creator of Lucifers trust which today after changing its name to “Lucis trust”, works privately behind closed doors with the UN in an advisory capacity.

  • Kara Şimşek

    for more “laughs” go to a website called Vigilant Citizen and that’ll explain what this guy is talking about :-)

  • Emily Thorne

    Thank you, but i think I’ll pass..

  • Emily Thorne

    really, I don’t doubt just sounds like a load of codswallop that you have swallowed i’m afraid. A little more rigorous research into the subject usually reveals that fact i find..

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