Jill Knight on gays: “They’re very good at things like antiques”

Andy McSmith

This week’s Lords’ debate on gay marriage has brought that doughty old Tory warrior Jill knight back onto the airwaves. It has to be said for her that at the age of 88, she is as certain as ever that she is right, and is not afraid to say so. During her career as a Birmingham MP, from 1966 to 1983, she backed hanging, defended Enoch Powell’s infamous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, backed the white supremacist governments in South Africa and what was then Rhodesia, and above all, is remembered as the prime mover behind the ‘Section 28’ legislation, which made it illegal for a local authority to “intentionally promote homosexuality.” No prosecution was ever brought under this law, which achieved nothing except promote the kind of image of the Conservative Party that David Cameron has struggled to shake off.

Cameron has apologised for Section 28, but not the Baroness, who claimed in a BBC Radio 5 Live interview that “children as young as four and five were being taught how to do homosexual acts.” Do not ask where or when this happened: it was in a time and place that exists in the Baroness’s imagination.

However, in the same interview she insisted that she is not “anti-homosexual”, just “pro-children”. Gays are “clever, very, very good at artistic things (and) very, very good at things like antiques,” she added.

  • justejudexultionis

    Depends – do you like Chippendales?

  • Keir Arts

    Not really a furniture expert but what i’ve seen looks good.

  • Glasgow1975

    actually she said children were being taught ‘how to do the homosexual act’ because after all there’s only one that these bigots obsess over, plus of course the old bat simply ignores that lesbians even exist . . .

  • David Edwards

    Ah, she trusts gay antique dealers, sweet.

  • David Edwards

    I hope you’re ashamed of yourself :D


  • David Edwards

    Whereas I understand and agree with your point, looking at the other specimens in the Westminster eco-system, I have to say I have a certain grudging respect for for those who say what they mean.

  • Susan Macdonald

    That is a very fair point: I know one or two parliamentarians who form their heartfelt opinion’ after listening to the opinions in the room. Whilst it is nice to find a parliamentarian with some integrity, it would be nicer to find one who respected everybody as individuals.

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