Where do university students spend most on rent?

Alex Johnson

fd85d766226694e64f2df61c0c961e74269f230c 300x200 Where do university students spend most on rent?Cambridge and Bristol have overtaken London as the UK’s most expensive student cities. According to a report from estate agents haart, students at these universities are now paying £95 a week in rent compared to the national average of just over £75. Privately renting students in the most expensive city Cambridge (£97.25) spend 79% more on rent than students in least expensive, Liverpool (£54.25).

The research looked at the Russell Group of 24 universities and places London third on the list and also points out that the most expensive student pint is at London’s universities where it is an average of £3.60 for a lager compared to Cardiff University which is £1.35 less.

Paul Smith, CEO of haart said: “Many canny parents are taking advantage of the strong rental markets by buying a home where their children are studying and letting the property to their offspring and their friends. This pays for a ‘discounted’ rent for their child and offers a long-term investment for them. For those students looking to save money on their rental expenses and their social life, our tip is to study in Leeds, where average rent is £58.50 and the beer averages £2.45 a pint, £1.15 less than London and 30p less than Glasgow.”

Prison digs
A former Plymouth prison could be transformed into luxury student accommodation for over 60 students. The Grade II listed building became derelict in 1997 after previously serving as a police headquarters, a court house and a prison.

Project developers, Forshaw Land, have submitted a planning permission application to Plymouth city council and say they want to ensure that the listed status of the building is kept intact during the renovation. If approved, the flats will be single person studios, each with its own study area, sleeping area, kitchen and en-suite toilet and shower room. There will also be a communal lounge and a small gymnasium with exercise machines.

Martin Copeland, Sales Director at Knight Knox International commented: “Plymouth is an area which suffers from a chronic undersupply of student housing, which fails to meet the demand of students in the area. This was made explicit in a recent report that stated that student housing in Plymouth currently only supplies 3,805 students while demand is as high as 23,562.”

The importance of a goodlooking estate agent
A study of how physical attractiveness affects real estate brokers’ pay and productivity by Frank Mixon, professor of economics at Columbus State University’s Turner College of Business, suggests that the more attractive the real estate agent, the higher the listing price of the home for sale.

“In general, the research found that the agents who were rated more attractive had listings with higher prices and larger commissions, which comes from higher sales prices for attractive agents,” said Professor Mixon. “The results weren’t surprising to me. There is a growing literature in economics that relates physical attractiveness to productivity in the workplace, and to all sorts of choices people make. Attractiveness is not the ‘be all, end all’ – it just helps to tip the scales when competitors are otherwise equally talented or skilled.”

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    Surrey is £121pw for ensuite next year!

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